Mystical «moaning» crack that turns people into horrible twins

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A few years ago, an amazing story about the so-called «moaning» crack spread through multiple sites of a Runet and was somehow called by the inhabitants of the former USSR scary mystical tale, although the woman herself is the author of the text — argued that this is not fiction. Probably the fact that the story is scary enough, and readers subconsciously refuse to believe that something similar could happen in reality, and our, Russian.

A strange crack in the stone

Our heroine, let’s call her Natalia, says that in his childhood spent with his brother the summer in the village with my grandmother. Children there were many, and they always went for a walk in the woods, where there were a few interesting «attractions»: the empty bear den, the lightning split an oak, and «moaning» gap, this was how the village children.

«Moaning» crack was a small crack in a granite boulder resembling a huge poluzakonnoy in the ground egg. Inside the crack was clearly hollow, as if to shout back, then out of the darkness was returning echo. However, the voice was distorted and became somehow unpleasant, as if lifeless. It wasn’t ringing child’s cry, and a muffled groan. Hence the name gap. It seemed like Natalia’s fun.

The light in the hole penetrated badly, and at a depth of a few tens of centimetres could not see any glare. However, the most interesting property of the cracks in the granite was the fact that she has returned back everything that came in it. Throw a lump or a pebble – and they come back with the second delay back. Brother of Natalia decided that inside was a slope, because of which everything is rolled back. And if you blow into the gap, the air also came back, only it smelled like something unpleasant.

Urban children were little stones with cones, so they threw in a crack other things. Natalia, for example, ventured to throw valuable glass ball. However, that evening, he crumbled into crumbs. A boiled egg stayed in «moaning» slit for 5 seconds, then rolled back rotten. These are the wonders…

As «moaning» gap «spoil» of living beings

One of the village boys once put a hole in your kitty. Animal long rustling inside and did not want to climb back, but after a few minutes as if nothing had happened again outside. Unfortunately, a few days later the kitten had to drown, because he’s tore the face of the baby.

Mиcтичecкaя «cтoнущaя» щeль, пpeвpaщaющaя людeй в кoшмapныx двoйникoв

That summer came the end of August, and it was time to go home, our heroin and her brother decided to finally walk through the woods and imperceptibly found himself near a mysterious boulder. Surprisingly, the gap had become somewhat wider. Brother of Natalia for the fun of it put down the leg, a pull he couldn’t. The children pulled her, cried the girl wanted to run to call for help, but then suddenly the foot easily came out of the crack. However, to step on it the boy was painfully hurt. City doctors have long tried to figure out what is the problem, but found no fracture, no dislocation, no infection. More than 25 years have passed, and the man still walks with a crutch.

A mystical incident with Nika

When she has grown up, married and gave birth to a child, the village with the ominous nearby rock, again emerged in her life. My grandmother died and bequeathed his house Natalini family. The first summer is the daughter of our heroine, nick and I became fast friends with the village the same age and spent all my free time with them, just as her mother.

Mиcтичecкaя «cтoнущaя» щeль, пpeвpaщaющaя людeй в кoшмapныx двoйникoв

One night the girl got up late for dinner, and Natalia went to look for her. At some point she saw that her daughter was together with his company returned from the forest. Nick was skipping and smiling, but the other guys were white as chalk. Our heroine began to ask them what happened, and children all as one claimed that just walking. But could see in his eyes that they’re lying. Only nick was behaving normally and were not given any kind to understand that something happened.

Only then Natalia again remembered about «moaning» gap, which had over the years almost forgotten. The woman rushed into the woods, found the ill-fated boulder and was perplexed – the crack became much broader and, if desired, there could entirely to get the child. While in granite the hole waved a few long red hair – obviously Nickenich.

The girl, however, was seemingly completely unharmed. She looked at her mother with honest eyes and swore he didn’t even know about any «moaning» gap because hanging out with friends in a completely different part of the forest.

Who came back: daughter Natalia or double?

However, the neighborhood kids that went to Natalia, quickly «split» and said that their company actually visited boulder, and the guys even turned to nick when she wished to get into the crack. Children shitless scared when the girl disappeared inside for almost an hour. But then she came back and quietly went home, so friends decided that since nothing happened, then an adult about it and can not speak.

Husband called Natalia hysterical. They say their daughter is alive and healthy – why worry then? That’s just our heroine began to doubt whether it is really her child or that hour, until nick was inside of a boulder, a crack «made» something similar. And every day those doubts grew stronger, as she no longer recognize her daughter.

Nick, she said, came back from cracked other — «spoiled.» The family was forced to give to the shelter the dog after the girl accidentally stabbed your pet in the eye burning match, and then completely doused with boiling water. And yet the «wrong» nick always looked at the mother: a day in the back, and at night came to the bed and just stood. Open your eyes and stop our heroine lacked the courage.

Mиcтичecкaя «cтoнущaя» щeль, пpeвpaщaющaя людeй в кoшмapныx двoйникoв

The father of the girl began to tell something, which he began to consider his wife crazy. And then nick and even said that he wants to live outdoors in the village, wants something to show dad in the woods. And so the daughter and her husband gradually drifted and moved away from Natalya. They became strange and scary… even for her…

In the end, Natalie came to the decision to leave the family. If you believe the words of the author, she now lives far from her ex-husband and daughter. In solitude mourns his real nick, forever lost in the dark «moaning» slit…

Correctly received the author of this story, she doesn’t know herself…

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