Finnish airline changed the flight number 666, which landed in «hell»

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«Happy Friday the 13th! Do you want to go to hell? Flight 666 is about to depart!»– something like Finland’s largest airline could advertise one of their flights, for example, last Friday the 13th of October, if I wished to show a little sense of black humor.

Финский авиаперевозчик сменил номер рейса 666, который приземлялся в «аду»

Unfortunately or fortunately, last Friday, this flight was the last. 11 years, the Finnish airline Finnair operated flight AY666 from Copenhagen to Helsinki, however, now ominously marked the journey, rename, and now the flight will be called AY954.

As for «hell», in the international system flight Helsinki is designated as HEL: in English it sounds exactly the same as «hell». Last Friday, the 13th, the plane took off at 13:20 from Copenhagen and landed safely at 15:55 in the Finnish capital. Starting next month, the Friday route between these destinations will be renamed.

Why? It still remains a mystery, although rumor has it that the word «hell» to which somebody paid attention, and became the drop «patience» is likely for pilots and controllers, and then the airline decided to cancel my flight AY666, throwing all sorts of concerns about the possible ridicule the superstition. Better, as they say, perebdit than nedariit…

Actually, flight 666 happy

However, representatives of Finnair reported that starting in 2006, Friday the 13th, there were over two dozen, and no one of these days with flight AY666 nothing would happen. Moreover, statistics says that flight AY666 is extremely safe. Even special turbulence during these flights were never observed. Perhaps that is why every Friday, including 13 numbers on this route bought up all the seats.

One of the Finnish pilots chuckles:

Among us pilots, it has become a kind of joke. Personally, I’m not a superstitious person, and for me these mystical coincidences do not really care. About other military can not say anything…

According to the official statement of the leadership of Finnair, the name of the flight was changed not because of any superstition, available to pilots, dispatchers or passengers, and due to certain technical nuances. However, the crew is instructed to reassure any client who suddenly notice the eerie coincidence on your ticket.

Meanwhile, for example, Dutch airline KLM recalled last Friday, the 13th, to its customers that flights, with the number 666 or a 13th row in airplanes, the company is not, and therefore nothing to worry about. Obviously, so do many other airlines…

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