Ufologists found in the desert Chile geoglyphs depicting alien

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Уфологи обнаружили в пустыне Чили геоглиф с изображением инопланетянина

Thanks to modern Internet applications, independent scientists, for example, the various researchers of the paranormal can find on our planet interesting things, even without leaving your office. That we are using Google Maps, an experienced UFO was discovered in Chile’s Atacama desert geoglyph depicting alien .

Ancient figure, which is at least 9 thousand years, is very large, its length is 86 meters, that is, it is clearly intended for observations of height, such as the geoglyphs on the surface of the Earth is difficult to distinguish. Although one thing that amazes the common man, in this case, the picture is interesting also for its fantastic content – it clearly depicts some kind of alien. It is a humanoid figure with head, hands and feet (see photo), however, affect the lines going from the head and thighs of her, but even more frightening facial expression of the alien. Here’s how commented on the discovery scientist, University of Chile Tarapaca Luis Briones:

Of all the geoglyphs that have been discovered ever in the Atacama desert, this is the big picture. Moreover, it is most interesting and in its content. Alien or not, I cannot say with such certainty, like a UFO, it could just be a cosmetic person. Despite its huge size, this geoglyph for a long time have not been discovered because they were stationed on the hillside, making it hard to view from above, but on earth, you know, this is nothing more than chaos — just a heap of stones…

Recall that the geoglyph called the figure or pattern on the surface of the earth more than four meters, which, as a rule, only visible from the air. Separate these ground drawings are so large that they can only be seen from a bird’s flight (the plane, for example). The most famous geoglyphs on the Nazca plateau in Peru, they are 1370 kilometres away from the Gigante de Atacama.

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