Astronomers urge to destroy the message of aliens, not decoding

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Астрономы призывают уничтожать послания инопланетян, не расшифровывая

A group of American and German astronomers made a rather unexpected statement. The space researchers argue that in that case, if humanity suddenly begins receiving messages from representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations, such communications should be destroyed immediately without decoding.

According to scientists, there is virtually no chance that the messages from aliens will turn to a blessing, regardless of their content. Humanity may be in great danger if you start to «chat» with strangers or just read their «letters» not responding .

Astronomers say that the message from «little green men» can be in the form of radio signals or alien artifact. Enclosed in the information they, as experts believe, with a huge probability of being malicious. For example, the aliens will threaten our destruction of the Earth. Regardless of, about it is a threat or not, the society will begin an unprecedented panic. If the message is large and tells us about what happens far beyond our «blue ball», such a discovery can have a demoralizing impact on global human culture. As an example, Americans and Germans lead the Bible that is considered to be significantly contributed to the fall of the Roman Empire.

What if the aliens will stop all our computers?

In an article published by the researchers, also said that sent by an extraterrestrial civilization, the binary code can be a complex computer virus that will spread with lightning speed across the Internet and will damage most electronic devices on our planet, thereby causing a real catastrophe. Just imagine what will start without the connection, banking and high technology.

The invention of man the binary code helped to create an extensive infrastructure that radically changed all aspects of our daily life. If all this suddenly collapses, humanity will be thrown straight into the middle Ages. Land grabbing in this case would be a mere trifle for the hypothetical enemy, because no one today can’t start without a satellite connection. Scientists believe that we will never be able to comply with all conditions of security, deciphering messages from other worlds, and therefore to do so in any case it is not necessary, how else was our curiosity.

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