The wonders and dangers of planetary magnetism

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Чудеса и опасности планетарного магнетизма

Source of life

It is no secret that the Earth is a giant bar magnet with the direction of the axis from the North pole to the South. The root cause and source of this phenomenon should be sought in the hot outer layer of the kernel our huge balloon containing excess iron and Nickel. The natural movement of the planet around its axis, the core also makes rotation, from which there flows a hot plasma, moving by inertia. This occurs also due to the difference in temperature between the inner part (where the kernel state, it rises to 15000°C) and the earth’s surface. This creates a current of molten minerals and electrons that form when the circulation of static electricity. And with it is born and the geomagnetic field.

On the planet are observed and the external magnetic phenomenon, due to the processes occurring in the ionosphere are constantly interacting with the solar «wind». In addition, the anomalous zone is formed and magnetized rocks, which deposits are near the surface of the Earth at various depths. Here a significant difference in the parameters field, creates an amazing magnetic anomalies. The strongest of them affect the spatial-temporal changes. That is why in these areas so often there are unexplained, sometimes even fantastic incidents. But similar stories happen in many of our day, getting a lot of publicity.

The magnetosphere is the key of life on the planet. This kind of shield, penetrating everywhere, cosmic radiation and solar radiation. The pole of the Earth pulled to himself, dangerous to all living things, charged particles reaching the limits of the planet in large numbers. This phenomenon causes the ionization of air and creates beautiful, like the neon lights, the Aurora.

But if the magnetic field disappear one day, through very short period will perish and all life. Planetary magnetism is not just protection. Such effects directly influence the diversity of organisms that do not simply perceive such currents, but they also generate them. The magnetosphere affects the entire system of circulation of blood and nutrients in a variety of living, microscopic and huge, organisms. She is able to calm (or, conversely, to disrupt) the nervous system. Moreover, according to the hypothesis of A. S. Presman, magnetic phenomena directly affect the course of evolution, driving the development of life.

Look at the past

The danger is that supposedly every 1200 years, the geomagnetic poles are beginning to protestirovat, that is, to mingle on the geographic poles. Even now the data points do not coincide. Consequently, the arrow of the compass only approximately indicate the direction of the world. For example, the North magnetic pole presumably of the XVII century located in the Arctic areas of Canada.

This pattern threatens catastrophic change in the whole, formed for a long period of time, thoroughly developed, complex structure of interaction of the geomagnetic, cosmic and biological fields. And it is absolutely impossible that this had devastating consequences.

But there is more bad news. After a certain period (here scientists call different numbers from 13 to 500 thousand years) inversion of the poles. As a result of this cataclysm the planet’s magnetic field completely reversed, that is, the change of directions of the magnetic fluxes in the opposite direction. So the North and South poles (not the geographic and magnetic), sooner or later will again change places.

Than it can threaten humanity? To answer, we must look deeply into the history of the Earth. Such a planetary catastrophe occurred, according to scientists, ago, about 12-13 thousand years. As a result of this cataclysm had a massive flood left under water, a huge continent of Atlantis (though some suggest that he just moved to the South pole and was covered with an impressive layer of ice, being known to modern geographers as Antarctica).

Further, the planet suffered an Ice age that has come very strongly. After all, the Land that time teeming with life and vegetation, the overnight temperature showed negative values, reaching up to 100°C. it is proved by a curious discovery. For example, discovered under a layer of snow mammoths in the stomach, which at autopsy had undigested green grass thousands of years ago. All this clearly proves that the death of these animals from the cold came suddenly and in an instant.

A disappointing future

But, in that case, we portend the future? Really soon we will have a new flood? According to the latest research of experts, such scenario is quite likely. Under the assumptions in the first place will be under water UK and Japan. Then a terrible fate will befall quite a vast area of North America, and then the other, closely adjacent to the Oceans site.

But that’s not all! Global changes of the magnetosphere such as the pole shift can not happen in one moment. Therefore, as suggested by some scholars, for some, even if short-lived, the period of the Earth’s magnetic field can completely disappear. This is only a hypothesis, as observed on the Sun in March 2011, a reversal took place without such disasters. But if it still happens, the planet will collapse like a thief, harmful cosmic rays and deadly radiation. Quiets the date of the last of the earth’s inversion. It happened not so long ago (considering the age of the planet, of course). So humanity still has time to live without worries.

Magnetoreception is pure magic!

Many animals can sense magnetic fields. It’s like a sixth of the existing senses. However, in humans it is developed rather poorly. But they have in abundance of migratory birds and the bees, have in mind has a sort of compass, unerringly pointing the way. Similarly oriented in the open ocean, dolphins, sea turtles, lobsters, and other animals.

However, the Californian scientist Joe Kirshvink, will not accept the status quo, set out to find such an additional sense in humans. He believes that the presence of the protein of the special structure in the body of the people, speaks volumes about the predisposition of Homo sapiens to the perception of magnetic pulses, because this structure exists just for this purpose. While the scientists mentioned recent experiment showed that neurons of the human brain is able to respond to specific electromagnetic pulses. But why do we, in this case, do not notice, not feel and not can use as dolphins, bees, birds and other animals?

The answer is that, perceiving our brain, as it is not trained to process and classify the signals, therefore, remain without attention. It is assumed that such a fantastic opportunity in the distant past the ancestors of our contemporaries still there, but in the process of evolution was lost.

Employees of the Institute HeathMath tried to develop this idea. They suggested that a special energy when combine together all living organisms on Earth. And this happens just by means of electromagnetic pulses. Therefore, they developed special project. Their noble aim is to reveal the forgotten abilities to implement internal balance between thoughts and desires of the heart. All this is done, they believe, to achieve universal harmony, love and understanding.

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