«I met a female Bigfoot with baby on her back»

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A resident of Ohio named Bob told about his meeting with Bigfoot (Yeti, Sasquatch) in 1964 in the North of Wisconsin. The story was narrated by an eyewitness in audiopodcast August 30, 2016 on a paranormal site Ground Zero Radio with Clyde Lewis.

«The story I’ve never told anyone, only my family. Now I’m retired, and previously worked in the scientific field and therefore skeptical of most of these things.

It was in 1964 when my wife and I went for a walk in the woods to the North of Wisconsin to choose where to go later in the campaign. We just wanted to look right place. We had walked through the woods, overgrown with tall grass and suddenly I saw ahead in the grass, something that seemed to me suspicious.

I told the wife to stand, and he went ahead, and there ahead I saw a bear. I shouted to the wife that she ran to the car and got the gun, she ran and got in the car, and I climbed the nearest tree.

"Как я встретил самку бигфута с ребенком на спине"

And here I sit in a tree and look at the bear and realize that the bears know how to climb trees. The bear was a year or two, not the biggest, and perhaps he just wanted to play with me. He stood by the tree and looked at me.

And suddenly a piece of wood perhaps eight feet in length (2.4 meters) of mud at one end flew out from behind another tree and hit the bear on the back. The bear got scared and ran off. When he was gone, I came down from the tree and then I saw this creature. Until that moment I didn’t know anything about the Yeti, Bigfoot, etc., I have not even heard about them, I grew up in a city in Ohio.

The first thing I noticed was four hairy arms. Two hands large and two were small, they embraced what had been the neck of this creature and belonged to someone small, sitting this being a piggyback. And then I saw her eyes and looked directly at them and those eyes on a dark face was incredibly calm, I used this expression eyes no one saw.

I just stood and looked at the creature that was ten feet away from me. At first I thought that it came from another planet. Don’t know how long we stood looking at each other, I woke up when my wife was running toward me from the car. By the way she never found the gun, he was in the other car.

When I saw my wife, I realized that I couldn’t sleep and that everything occurring is a reality. But the creature, noticing another man, hurried to hide in the bushes. When it was gone, on his back, I noticed a hanging «baby», which was held for long hair. It certainly wasn’t a monkey. It was something different and not similar to any of the great apes: chimpanzee, orangutan or gorilla.

I have a very good photographic memory and I well remember the face of this creature and child on his back. I remember that the child’s foot was completely flat, but the toes on the feet looked like a human.

My wife finally got to me and asked where the bear and I stood there dumbfounded. And now I’m stunned this meeting.»

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