Mutants Of Fukushima

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March 11, 2011 massive earthquake and ensuing tsunami on the Japanese atomic power station «Fukushima» there was a major disaster. The accident was rated the seventh — the highest — level of risk. The whole world, with bated breath, eagerly catching the latest news with «Fukushima»… Since then it’s been more than 6 years. What is happening now around the nuclear power station?


July 9, 2013, the Japanese media reported the sad news: the former Director of the NPP Macao Yoshida, who led the work on the liquidation of the accident, died from cancer. The authorities in Tokyo were quick to make statements that do not see the connection between the death of Yoshida and radiation, But the islanders are inexorable: the demise of the former Director depends directly on a high dose of radiation, which he received during emergency work.

Мутанты Фукусимы

The Japanese are very patient people. They are accustomed to the vagaries of nature, each of them knows his place at work and never goes against his superiors, obedience and humility they bring up their children. But even the obedient inhabitants of the Country of the rising sun there is a limit.

The Japanese want to know how destructive was the radiation during an accident at a nuclear plant. In autumn 2013 an independent Japanese newspaper has published data according to which the company, led the disaster, were forced to work under threat of dismissal to close personal cumulative dosimeters with lead plates.

Journalists suggest that it could lead to the fact that the workers received a huge dose of radiation. The Ministry of health of Japan has begun investigation in connection with this case, Informal authorities still prefer to hide from the public the true size of the effects. Apparently, they are harmful to all living things that were in the area of infection.


After two and a half years after the accident, the boundaries of the restricted area close to the nuclear power station at 3.5 km. But people do not rush to occupy empty villages and towns. Around Fukushima 20-30 kilometers in ruins, destroyed houses, rusty cars and a lifeless desert, overgrown with weeds. And this despite the fact that in Japan, a terrible shortage of land.

Radiation levels in areas where people are allowed to visit their homes, everywhere is different. About 30 microsieverts per hour, that is 100 times higher than normal. 7 hours of work a person can get six weeks of radiation dose As it will affect your health no data. But there are photos and videos of mutant plants and animals.

Мутанты Фукусимы

A YouTube user posted the story, which depicted a rabbit born without ears. Internet user, registered in Us, located in the North-Western edge of the 30-kilometer exclusion zone, stated that the video was filmed in the home of one of the locals.

According to the author of the video, looking at earless rabbit, it is easy to guess what will be the consequences of the nuclear accident for people: small animals are more susceptible to such anomalies. A few days since the publication of a movie managed to watch more than 375 thousand users.

In turn, the official Japanese media criticized the author of the video. First, they said, there is no evidence that a video was shot truly in the vicinity of nuclear power plants. Secondly, it is unknown when the video was shot. Finally, no other visible anomalies that typically arise by mutation, no.


After this statement, the Japanese began to spread on the Internet photos and videos of ugly plants and animals — the so-called children of Fukushima. According to witnesses, the first of some problems in the contaminated area signaled the butterfly. Scientists have picked up 144 herbal butterfly in the disaster area shortly after the leakage of radiation.

Мутанты Фукусимы

Examining them, discovered the symptoms of the genetic mutations that led to uncharacteristic for the species changes. Insects have significantly decreased in size wings, they appeared strange patterns; antennae, on the contrary, lengthened; there were strange depressions in the eyes. But most experts upset this trend: first, the mutation was evident in only 12% of selected butterflies. And after 6 months of rejection has affected 28% of insects.

Herbal butterfly considered a major barometer for this family of insects, as they are present almost everywhere. And since their lifespan is small, trace several generations is not easy. The outcome is sad: with each new generation the percentage of mutants increases.

Мутанты Фукусимы

However, scientists do not rush with unfavourable forecasts: the sensitivity of different species to radiation is different. And how radiation exposure will affect other types, for example livestock, fish, while nobody else knows.


As for plants, Japanese nerds are already sounding the alarm. In areas adjacent to nuclear power plants, gardeners collect weird harvest. Cabbage size approached the watermelon or pumpkin, and eggplant as if crossed with a banana — on the same branch «trailer» from four to five fetuses. Anomaly? Is not the word!

Corn on the cob like Siamese twins, peaches — with «elephant disease». In cucumber leaves grow directly from the fruit, the same is observed in tomatoes. Sunflowers are like trying to split in two: one «head» is born second. This fanciful collection of fruit and vegetables has published one of the Korean sites.

Мутанты Фукусимы

The Japanese were in shock: without a doubt, all the strange fruits infected with radiation sickness. And about what consequences may result from eating these monsters heroes, nobody knows. Many residents of the Country of the rising sun decided for myself that in the coming years will be to refrain from eating vegetables and fruits, but so little time to earn other diseases.

A separate theme — fish. It is impossible to imagine without the traditional Japanese sushi and sashimi. And yet in the near future they will have to give up your favorite dishes. The radiation trapped by the accident at Japanese Fukushima NPP into the sea water, can seriously harm the ecosystem of the ocean, and at the same time cause different mutations of subsequent generations of marine life.

The level of radiation in seawater near the plant raised serious concerns among environmentalists. The amount of radioactive iodine exceeded the allowable values in the 3 355 times!

«There is a possibility of fatal damage to living organisms, but it causes less fear than the possible consequences for their offspring,» admitted Joseph Rachlin, Director of the research lab Lehman College.

The main danger of radiation is that it can change the genetic code of animals and affect their reproduction.

…Meanwhile, some time ago, over the third power unit of station rose clouds of thick smoke. Experts have assured people that it is not smoke, and steam from rain water. But to reassure the population it is unlikely to help too much disturbing news comes from Fukushima lately. Works on elimination of accident are moving very slowly, the radiation levels are still dangerously high.

While continuing its emissions into the ocean. One of the latest alarming news: in groundwater under the plant detected levels of radioactive cesium.

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