The observation of a huge conger eel, which «could easily swallow a child»

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A man named John Weatherly (John Weatherly) got in touch with Nick Redfern, one of the authors of the website on the paranormal Mysterious Universe, and told him about how he watched a huge sea eels. Moreover, the species of this creation is still not installed, Weatherly has not yet found that shows him photos of many sea eels, who have seen.

«I’m British, but live in Florida, says John Weatherly, — It happened in 1969, when I and my family sailed along the West coast of America to the Panama canal. It was the first week of July 1969, the sea was calm and we moved very slowly, as the channel was overload.

When we sailed along the coast of Costa Rica and Panama, there was only 7-8 miles from the shore and we saw a coastline with seaweed and fragments of wood with a width of 30 feet (9 meters). We sailed along it for several hours in bright sunlight between 10am and 2 am. In the water were clearly seen many floating fish and several large turtles.

But most striking was the huge eels. They always swam in pairs and we watched them in the water approximately every 20 minutes. Their average length was at least 15 feet (4.5 meters) and the diameter was around 1.5 feet (45 cm).

Moray is the largest of the squad preobrazaj ( Anguilliformes). But at length certain types of morays reach a maximum of 4 meters, no more

Наблюдение огромного морского угря, который "легко мог проглотить ребенка"

Наблюдение огромного морского угря, который "легко мог проглотить ребенка"

Their smooth skin was the color of khaki (grayish) or olive in appearance they resembled eels, boy what I used for bait when fishing for fish in their native Canterbury, Kent, except that he was huge.

They swam slowly and lazily, gracefully moving in the water among the seaweed and twigs, or rising to the surface.

Our ship was big, he was carrying 1200 passengers and most of them on that Sunny day was with us on the deck, so these huge eels seen by many. Although most were sharks circling nearby. I don’t know what it was for the appearance of acne, but maybe you (Nick Redfern) help me? In appearance they could easily swallow a child or a small adult».

Redfern response sent John numerous photos of various large marine eels, including the famous Moray, whose skin is olive green. However, the witness does not have a photo I. D. those eels that he saw. However, he wrote that the sight of those creatures is well preserved in his memory.

«I’m not an ichthyologist and not a zoologist, but I have one suggestion about these eels that I have seen, Weatherly wrote further, — as we saw eels in pairs, is it possible that on the surface they were only raised for breeding, and the rest of the unexplored was hiding somewhere in the depths of the ocean?

It wasn morays, as in all the pictures I see they have a lot of dark spots or patterns on the skin. However, those that I saw, the skin was smooth without patterns and dots. They were a uniform of khaki or even closer to green or mustard.

In addition they have other than the eels nose, more rounded. I don’t remember what they were eyes. I wish I had in those years was not a good camera to capture these creatures».

So while the essence of the seen John Weatherly huge eels remains a mystery.

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