Arboreal druid horoscope: everyone has their own tree

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Once in Europe, there were druids. They were priests, doctors, poets and chroniclers and revered as the keepers of the past and predictors of the future. Secrets they had plenty, but transmitted for centuries from mouth to mouth knowledge of the druids is largely lost to us.

But all the same something knows about them. Before initiation, the druids were obliged to spend twenty years in the woods, to which they attached great importance. Hence, obviously, taken the relationship of the human characters with trees.

Древесный гороскоп друидов: У каждого есть свое дерево

They were sure that the trees are living and intelligent beings. They live much longer than humans, able to stand firm against the destructive forces of nature that have healing properties, are updated annually and come alive. Therefore, people should learn from their older wood brothers.

Each person has their tree is believed the druids. They developed an astrological system, in which the day of the appearance of man, the light was associated with a specific plant. For example, people of Apple trees — those who were born between 23 December to 1 January. And those who saw the light from 25 June to 4 July.

Well, to know which tree is the patron Saint of you find yourself in the horoscope of the druids:

fir 2 January — 11 January 5 July—14 July;

elm 12 January — 24 January 15 July — 25 July

cypress 25 January — 3 February 26 July — 4 August;

poplar 4 February — 8 February 5 August — 13 August;

kartas 9 February — 18 February 14 August — 23 August;

pine 19 February — 28 February (in a leap year — 29th) and August 24 — September 2;

IVA: 1 March — 10 March 3 September — 12 September;

Lipa: March 11 — March 20 and September 13 -22 Sep;

hazel: 22 March — 31 March 24 September — 3 October;

Rowan: April 1 — 10 April 4 October — 13 October;

maple 11 April — 20 April 14 October — 23 October;

a nut 21 April — 30 April 24 October — 2 November;

Jasmine: may 1 — 14 may 3 November — 11 November

chestnut: 15 may — 24 may 12 November — 21 November;

ash: 25 may — 3 June 22 November — 1 December;

hornbeam 4 June — 13 June 2 December — 11 December;

figs: June 14 — June 23 and December 12 — December 21.

the Apple tree — June 25 — July 4 and December 23 — January 1.

There are not all days of the year. March 21 — spring equinox laziness, and wood patron Saint of people born on this day, the sacred oak! It spreads its mighty branches over many people, but to you he had a special relationship, you are his pet and a close cousin. And could be, if wanted, a real druid «the chosen oak».

Древесный гороскоп друидов: У каждого есть свое дерево

Born 24 June, the day summer conflict (the longest day and the shortest night of the year), protects the birch. 23 September — autumn equinox, day and night are of equal duration is the time the sacred olives.

Well, 21-22 December winter opposition, the shortest day of the year — time beech. One can only envy the choice of beech, to whom he will give his wisdom and inexhaustible strength.

So, you know your secret assistant. What to do next?

Try to imagine your tree — how it looks, how it grows, it doesn’t do what dream. It is easy to do if you know what it looks like. But what if you were born under the shadow of kartaca? These trees grow in warm and dry climate of Europe and Asia, they come from the Mediterranean. Sometimes kartas equate to the cedar. It is in Russia familiar.

People kartasi have good health, feel in any environment like home and I do not know what shyness. Under this sign were born many great people: Galileo Galilei, Charles Darwin, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Berthold Brecht.

You just have to maintain a mental link with kartcom, and he will always come to your aid. So it goes to all whose trees-the patrons do not grow near your home.

Древесный гороскоп друидов: У каждого есть свое дерево

Well, the rest should go into the forest to find their tree. Your tree must grow at some distance from the others. Do not hesitate the tree to bow and greet him. Don’t be surprised that it doesn’t just give you the answer, because it sees you for the first time and must adjust. And indeed the trees quite slow, but if they love someone, then it is forever.

Walk up to him, tell us about yourself, your concerns and dreams, touch him. If you made the right choice, you will immediately feel a tingling sensation in the fingers is the energy of the tree flowing through your body. You can wrap it around the tree trunk with his hands and, turning away from all the worries, to stand so for some time.

Then take some distance to the tree could you need to read and remember. Say goodbye to him and wished him good health and slowly go away. Going to return here again and again. And each time, your contact with the tree will be more complete and more useful. Both for you and for him.

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