«Something black, with a face like a crocodile’s, and legs of a kangaroo»

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The residents of Rylsk (Kursk oblast) a new bike. More recently, the city wound up a mysterious creature which is under cover of night, kills livestock by sucking her blood. People are guessing: what animal is capable of such cruelty? Surely that the mythical «goat sucker» the Chupacabra?

«Что-то черное, с мордой, как у крокодила, и ногами кенгуру»

Within two weeks the beast came to the backyards of rylan, attacking chickens, rabbits, sheep. And, according to witnesses, the livestock were «not torn to pieces and bloodless.» «The beast has bitten my lamb, on the neck of the traces from stings, it was like a leech, – was told by a local resident on condition of anonymity. – At first thought it was a dog, shot it, but the next day everything repeated.»

Citizens even organized an ambush in the place of the last «dinner» a strange creature with a gun: «Hatched a couple of nights, everyone was waiting for him. And finally, after this «miracle» has come». According to the man in the dark he saw «something black, with a face like that of a crocodile, and kangaroo feet, girth of chest 35-40 cm, tail was not visible». Moved the mutant rapidly, «jumping feet». Sitting in ambush rylane shot at the intruder, but missed a jump – and no more.

«He then to many came, – continues our source. – Who has chickens, one rabbit was killed, but many sheep he loves. And be careful, not stupid. Here the sheep into the barn hid, all closed, only window open. So he climbed out the window!»

In the law enforcement and Supervisory authorities of the Kursk region, information about the wonder-beast has not yet been confirmed. The press service of the regional Ministry of internal Affairs said that the police had not received reports of strange animal attacks. They say the same thing in the Department of veterinary of the region: «According to the facts, no one asked».

The description that was given by kurenin, fits the mythical creature Chupacabra, a so-called «goat vampire». This unknown to science beast supposedly lives in forests and feeds on the blood of livestock, and in some cases, bird brains. From time to time the media report about the antics of a monster, lead the eyewitness. Sometimes taking a monster bald foxes and raccoon dogs.

The last time the Chupacabra was excited by smokers in 2012. Then the inhabitants of the Sumy area of Ukraine adjacent to our region, seen in their territories hairless animal «with the legs of the rabbit and huge fangs». It is, according to the Ukrainians, attacked domestic rabbits, there have been nine cases. Anybody then did not exclude that the beast will move to us.

P. S. There is information about the fact that the Chupacabra was seen not only in Rylsk, but in nearby Chomutov district, where he did, and was able to kill! If this is not a rumor, ask the witnesses and «hunters» to contact the editors

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