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American researcher of mysterious creatures Heart Strickler recently sent a new letter with a story about the Ghost in the house. This Ghost, according to the author, seen not only she, but her children and externally it looked like a well-dressed man in a classic suit and looked like James bond (agent 007).

«Hello, Mr. Strickler. I’ve been reading your website and want to share your story, but please omit my name. Don’t want me and my children was attacked with ridicule.

In my life there were many cases of encounters with the paranormal, but the most interesting happened when in 1999 we moved from the cottage to another house, which was built in 1958. From the first day when I walked into this house, I liked its atmosphere, it was felt the positive energy.

Домашний призрак в элегантном мужском костюме

After some searching I found out that earlier the house belonged to the spouses, who out of mercy has adopted several orphans. When the couple were elderly, the old lady died of cancer in the hospital, and the old man moved to a nursing home and soon died there of a heart attack.

After we moved into this house, we began to hear strange sounds at night on the ground floor, while we were all in their bedrooms on the second floor. Sometimes with a special scratch themselves opened the cabinets in the kitchen. So a year passed and then one day I went from the hallway to my bedroom, I casually corner of my eye noticed the wall some kind of dark figure.

I stepped back and managed to consider it in detail. It was a man of medium height, dressed in a dark classic suit. His dark hair was old — fashioned haircut very short sides and back, and on the top carefully laid back with nail Polish or lipstick. His appearance reminded me of agent 007 — James bond from the old films.

I looked at him and did not feel the threat from him, and he stood with his back to the wall and stared at me. In his right hand was something similar to a cigar. Suddenly I blinked and cursed under his breath and the Ghost immediately disappeared, as if it never existed.

With the phenomenon several years passed, during these years I got pregnant and my daughter was born. We have made it to my room, my son moved into the other bedroom, and I moved into the bedroom of the son. Two years before that, the son told me that one night he woke up and saw in his room a man in a suit and black overcoat. He just stood and looked at his son.

Two years later, shortly before the move, the Ghost appeared again at night in the bedroom of the son, and the son thought that the man wanted him to say something, but suddenly the Ghost disappeared again, worth the son to turn around.

Closer to our days, when my son was already a teenager, he told me that the Ghost again recently came to him by night, and this time he sat on the edge of the bed and again tried to say something. But gone again, just as the son moved. The boy is not scared of the Ghost, he was just surprised by his visits and didn’t understand why he quickly disappears.

Домашний призрак в элегантном мужском костюме

I told him that maybe this man was his guardian angel or maybe he took care of the family members who lived here before. I made this assumption because found out that he was hardly a member of the family, he was not like the description none of those who had lived in this house.

Now my son is already 20 years old and he already does not live with us, went to his apartment. We had never discussed the Ghost in a suit with his daughter, but she once told me that he comes to her room. It started a few months ago and it three times already come to her. Probably due to the fact that now the daughter is living in my son’s room.

She’s very afraid of this Ghost, and even hid a knife under my pillow, which I recently found and seized. Daughter for 14 years, she is an active teenager, I have been reading different horror stories and called our Ghost «Slenderman», it is certain that it is. I explained to her that the Slender man is an Internet myth, and this Ghost was in our house ever since we moved in in 1999. I told her that if she is afraid of him, then let him asked him not to come when you see him again.

The Ghost came to her the other night about 2.40 and she found the courage to ask him to leave. But he suddenly touched her legs and she felt from his touch icy cold. She immediately sent me text messages on my mobile and asked me for help, but I did not hear it and slept until morning. The daughter from fright wrapped in a blanket and the Ghost was gone. I saw her message on my mobile early this morning.

The daughter after that terrible night got somewhere pieces of quartz crystals and scattered them near the bed. She was sure that they scare off the Ghost. I hope that even if it is just samovnusheniya it works.

PS we in the house have a dog and cat, night cat can sleep in each bedroom, and a dog is always down and does not rise to the top. But I guess if there was an evil spirit, the cat would not sleep there?».

LON Strickler leave a comment to this letter. He wrote that probably the Ghost appeared because of the strong atmosphere in the house and it is possible that the Ghost of a dead old guy who looks younger. «Maybe he’s trying to find his wife. I don’t think he’s evil, he’s probably tied to a specific room and can only wander in this place or near it».

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