Kosmopoisk investigated the crop circles of the Kuban and Lviv region

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Ufologists of the organization «Kosmopoisk» sure, the aliens want to say something. But probably not for us.

Strange circles in the field between Timashevsk and Novokorsunskaya
found a local resident Eugene Mikiashvili , when he returned with
fishing on the morning of 17 June. He immediately realized that the drawings on the field — extraterrestrial

Космопоиск исследовал круги на полях Кубани и Львовской области

No one Timashevskaya combiner is not
able, — says Eugene. — ears of wheat neatly arranged in one
direction, and none of them dented.

And really, looking at
drawings in the middle of the field, it’s hard to believe that this may be the case
human hand. A few perfectly smooth connected
circles from five to 15 meters; inside them a spiral neatly stacked
intertwined wheat. Moreover, even with the naked eye
it is seen that the wheat was laid is clearly not appliances, no broken
spikelets: all laid perfectly flat and some strange force.

about the mysterious circles instantly spread through the surrounding towns, and people
arranged for field drawings the present pilgrimage. Local resident
whole families came to gawk at the strange figures. That is —
the handiwork of aliens none of them doubt. As it turned out, for
residents of Timashevsk region are not the first to encounter extraterrestrial

— We and the UFO flew over the village, says
local resident Vitaly Ahmedov. — I drove home, watching
-flies so silently. I have the car choked, listen — the sound is what?
But there was complete silence. Even dogs do not bark. I wife show,
look, look — it’s flying! Grabbed her cell and started taking pictures.
At this moment he just hovered, and towards the city then began
drift apart.

Космопоиск исследовал круги на полях Кубани и Львовской области

Vitaly shows me for the phone pictures —
clearly against the night sky you will see some strange bright lights.
The gathered villagers claim that they are the same seen over a field in the
night, when it appeared mysterious circles.

— Aliens, of course it did, the racket, the gathered villagers. — We believe in it.

time on the field is going more and more people. Stop
cars passing by — someone he circles noticed someone from
curiosity stopped to see what it was about the crowd in the middle of the field.In the center of the larger circle has a hole, resembling a trace of
the use of borax. The wall of the hole very hard. According to an eyewitness,
in the morning, it was a bit warm, but later became normal
temperature. The hole is near the center of the circle, but not in his
geometric center. We can assume that it was aimed
point used to create the pattern. Initially it was reported
that hole is only the center of a large circle, but later
on the website «Banner of labor» reported that these holes there are
and in other circles. Космопоиск исследовал круги на полях Кубани и Львовской области Fully implement the research agenda of the field failed. 22 Jun
the owners of the team broke the previously achieved agreement on the conservation
the icons to the end of the research, and mowed the field. Космопоиск исследовал круги на полях Кубани и Львовской области However,
the researchers plan to carry out a planned programme of measurement
despite the fact that the icon was destroyed. Continues
search witnesses who could catch the moment of occurrence of the circle. It
can be drivers passing by the field on the night of 17 to 18 June.

24 Jun Timashevskaya by the newspaper «Banner of labor» was held
online conference, during which Vadim Chernobrov, reported that about
extraterrestrial origin of the circles we can say with 90% probability. In
favor of this hypothesis say the measurements performed in the field where
appeared icon. In particular, using kronosaurus was
discovered the time dilation in the center of the circle, amounting to 2 seconds in 4
hour’s. Study of flattened ears under the microscope also showed the presence of
they some anomalies. It is also noteworthy that the ears laid straight, in
one direction, not crushed in a haphazard way. This 158-I
the icon marked «Kosmopoisk» in Russia, 40% of
this number of circles appeared on the Kuban. Circles in Lviv region (Ukraine)

At the end of June, the Ukrainian TV station ZIK reported that in a field near the
Tseperiv village was discovered circles, which may have extraterrestrial
origin. Correspondents of the channel interviewed local residents in
the result was able to recreate the picture of events associated with this
unusual phenomenon.

So, a few young people living in the village says,
they, returning from a disco in the night from 24 to 25 June saw
box something strange is happening. A local resident by the name of Yaroslav
reports that the night before he was found circles, dogs were barking
unusually hard and hurt to sleep for a few hours.

Космопоиск исследовал круги на полях Кубани и Львовской области

In her opinion,
someone from the inhabitants of the village could not create a similar image on the pitch
as this would require too much time and money. During his
life she never faced such problems and believes that
circles have extraterrestrial origins. This is also the opinion and
local resident named Bogdan: he believes that with the help of tractor
to make such a picture on the box was impossible.

With great enthusiasm to find, and treated the President
Staroaleiskoe of the village Council Andrey Andruschenko. He remembers that
the abnormal phenomena already observed in the area about nine years ago:
above the village, Rodanti near Ceperova, was seen
flying object an orange color. The Chairman of the village Council finds that
now the circles can become a «visiting card» of the village, bringing him
certain notoriety. Already, many people come in Tseperiv,
to photograph the circles.

Космопоиск исследовал круги на полях Кубани и Львовской области

At the same time, in the village there are people who hold more
a skeptical point of view. A local resident Taras Jelly previously
interested in anomalous phenomena and collecting information about them,
notes that the grass perished not, as is characteristic of authentic community
in the fields. Many stems are broken or crushed, while in the circles
extraterrestrial origin, they lie down in neat rows. For the manufacture
the figure, according to Taras Jelly, no technique was used: a few
man marked out the pattern with ropes and hurting the ears of the Board. In
the result, the circles turned out not perfectly smooth.

Similarly expressed and Peter Statsenko, the driver from the city of Brody,
who drove past and stopped to look at the picture. He’s not
believe in the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence and believes that the circles have
man-made origin.

The villagers plan to contact the experts who will be able
to explore the community and to Express an authoritative opinion about their origin.

That night dogs barked. Lay a few hours and could not
fell asleep. It’s still something unearthly — a 65-year-old Yaroslava driving a stick
a cow on the outskirts of the village Tseperiv 15 km from the city. In a wheat field
near the village in the night of 25 June there was a circle with a diameter of about 50 m. Local
I believe that there came aliens.

Nine years ago, over a thousand people saw over the houses flew
some orange objects. The crop circles could be the calling card of the village,
to attract tourists, says Voight Andrey Andrushchenko, 33.

— Many of our farmers work in Lviv. In the morning I go to the track. That’s all.
saw this range and was surprised, — says Lyubov Kozlova, 39 years. —
Then we began to remember that night there was a great radiance. Neighbourhood
heard a noise and couldn’t sleep. I don’t think such people could do,
is that some sick. There simply was no human

About «supernatural» phenomenon, farmers are advised to ask the 35-year-old Taras Jelly.

— He’s smart, in Kiev, worked as a geologist. When two years ago in the village
appeared Chupacabra, it’s all investigated. Explained that in fact,
it was Wolverine. He and about UFOs will tell you, — Yaroslav asks the neighborhood
children carry to the villager.

From primer to drawing in wheat leads to a wide footpath. Next in
the ears are three bike. Students from the neighboring village of New
Yarychiv came to watch.

— Now in all villages discuss these circles — says Yaroslav Turik,
16. Here are some clouds seen lightning. This man is unreal

— No, guys, this will be enough for two, — interrupts a geologist. —
The fact that people saw something shining, it is the trucks on the highway driving. Figure
made on the track for equipment, manufacturing field. That is it
someone came, set the pole, stretched from her shoelace, and it did
circles, flattening the grass a plaque. And the circles are not perfectly smooth, —
shows notch with a length of about 5 cm — it is Evident that the stems are mechanically
broken. Spikelets turn yellow and dry up. The locations of these anomalies they
harder to grow and swell on the curve. 100 metres from the circles through
two days saw three more dents teardrop shape. They do
not made by man. They say that sometimes after these man-made drawings
on the field do the aliens arrive.

The head of the center for the study of anomalies «Probe» 28-year-old Artyom Bilyk does not reject the theory that the circles formed by extraterrestrial object.

In Tseperiv we took samples of wheat and soil, sent three
laboratory for biological and chemical analyses. Answer whether the place of
some changes in the structure, will have in a month, says
on the phone. Every year we get two or three reports of such phenomena. To
unfortunately, the information usually comes late. Light rain
enough to the results of the tests were wrong. Two years ago 30
kilometers from the highway in Vinnitsa region found a similar pattern.
Studies have shown that there was something abnormal. But in 2007-m on
Poltava farmers overdo it with fertilizers, and there

After contact with the alien woman three years did not go to the toilet

In the 1950s Fedor Kovalcin from the city of Rudky samborski district found
in a wheat field circle. Invited to the farm Director. He was assured that
this meteorite.

September 9, 1977, Muratova Medina from Latvia spent the night camping in
50 km from the city. Night woke up and saw a creature with
unnaturally narrow waist and large blue eyes with clothes color
metal’s. When the woman screamed, it instantly appeared on the ceiling.
Friend Muratova that night saw it as being a solution to the

On 21 October 1990 a local around the city, gathering mushrooms, met
strange man 2-meter height. He was in a dark shiny suit
with the helmet. The stranger shone on her yellow flashlight and disappeared. After
this woman three years did not go to the toilet, although regularly ate and drank.
The doctors shrugged.

7 November 1997 at 21: 30, Oleg Senyk with his mother and grandmother watched
UFOs in the village of Great Doroshev Zhovkivskyi district. Plate with a diameter of about
20 m flying at a height of 30 m On the edges of the flashing colored lights.

Ufologists say that the videos of the disaster in Sknyliv
July 27, 2002, in slow motion noticeable as it flew near
the object, similar to a long cigar or cylinder.

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