A resident of Crimea, told police that her son was abducted by aliens

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At the end of October 2017 the inhabitant of Simferopol Olga Chadova has addressed in law enforcement bodies with the statement that some time ago her minor son was abducted by aliens.

As reported «Version» the woman told police that the day of the disappearance of the boy she found on the ground, his gloves, and in the sky at this time were the lights of the mysterious object. She took the last at a flying saucer.

Жительница Крыма заявила в полиции, что ее сына похитили пришельцы

The mother said with confidence that their own to escape her son could not, it, according to go to the police, was abducted by aliens. The guards refused to accept the woman’s statement because she was in a condition of strong alcoholic intoxication.

As it became known later, 10-year-old son of Olga Sadovoy left the house, without explaining to the mother of his act. It is noted that since a woman is already talked to psychologists. According to experts, a flying saucer in the sky she could see the cause of severe intoxication or because of the stress I experienced upon learning about the missing child.

Where is gone the child was unknown. To search for the boy joined the police. They interviewed neighbors and classmates of the boy.

At the moment, a month later, the location of the student is still not installed. Colonel of the Investigative Committee of Russia V. V. Arkhangelsky said that up to December 1 had to be collected all the information about the kidnapping of the boy. Mother from Simferopol intends to seek justice and to «punish» the aliens who supposedly abducted her child.

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