In South Carolina during the sermon at Church the girl plucked out his own eyes

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A terrible accident happened in the territory of the Church South Main Chapel in the County of Anderson, South Carolina. During the sermon came to her people first noticed nearby a young girl, and then heard from the other side loud screams.

About the incident reports WYFF News 4 and other media. Working in the Church Elizabeth Hiott first ran outside and saw a girl near passing close to the railway. Coming closer, Elizabeth froze in horror, one eye of the girl was torn with meat and hanging from the sockets.

Elizabeth immediately called 911, but I think that they’ll think it’s a joke, because it was all completely insane, but took up the challenge. But until medics arrived, the girl pulled out my own bare hands and second eyes. Moreover, when medical staff wanted to take the girl, she began to resist violently and she managed to take only with the help of four people.

В Южной Каролине во время проповеди в церкви девушка вырвала себе глаза

Former priest Terry Mitchell, who was among those who helped to take away the girl, said that she came to this place specifically to mutilate himself. He said that the girl is 19 years old and she was very aggressive.

The victim was eventually airlifted to a local hospital. There her condition as stable.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth Hiatt told reporters that he had seen this girl before, she from time to time come to Church to preach. It is possible that she called her name, but in the press it is not specified anywhere.

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