The second in the last few months a mysterious case of spontaneous combustion of a man in the UK

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As reported, 27 December 2017, the police received a call about what is right in the middle of the street Thanet road, hull burns in flames man. At the scene were immediately sent an emergency, but they arrived too late. The man died at the scene at about 20:00 GMT.

Police have confirmed that all of the man’s body was covered in horrible burns. Not yet managed to establish the identity of the victim or the cause of ignition. The doctors said that the exact cause of death can be called only after opening.

Второй за последние несколько месяцев загадочный случай самовозгорания человека в Великобритании

The chief investigating officer Dave wood (Dave Wood) from Humberside police said:

«We arrived on the scene about 8 p.m. after reports that the street light. Ambulance and firefighters were already in place. They had affected all possible assistance, but to save the victim failed. At the moment we know that no one else was injured, but the investigation is ongoing.

We’re trying to figure out the circumstances of the case, so please anyone who has any information to please contact the police number 101. We want to establish what happened to this man, and punish the perpetrators.»

It is reported that the road was blocked for three hours after the incident, and police were patrolling the area for security purposes.

Site Hull Daily Mail quotes the testimony of an eyewitness. 32-year-old Daniel Lingwood sat at home and suddenly when he glanced at the window, he saw on the street something’s burning. The man thought that lit up his van and jumped out on the street, but to his horror he saw there completely in flames man.

He rushed to his aid, but then ran the other residents of the street who was in a panic and tried to help burning. One woman poured on him a bucket of water, and Logwood and another man began to roll on the burning ground to extinguish the flames. Then they called an ambulance and wrapped the victim, to keep it from freezing.

— His face still standing in front of my eyes, says Lingwood that this story was very shocking, I couldn’t go to work that day and keep thinking about what happened.

Previous a mysterious case of spontaneous combustion of a man in the UK happened 17 September 2017 in London. The picture of what happened was virtually the same as in hull. Passers-by suddenly saw on the street in flames man. The victim was immediately flown by helicopter to a hospital, but he quickly died from the terrible burns. The cause of the fire men, police still could not determine.

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