The miracle at the tomb of the Mother asked the deceased to give her son a special sign and to her hand, the village malynivka

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Is it possible that our deceased loved ones can contact us from the «other world» from which no one has ever returned? Many people believe that the answer to this question is «Yes» as their deceased relatives, has given them special signs. And this story is one such case.

It happened to a British woman, Mary Robinson. In April of 2014 from an inoperable brain tumor death of her son Jack, who was only 4 years. Mary also has a son Liam, a twin Jack, and three daughters. The woman is very grieved at the death of her little boy and on each anniversary of his death she came to his grave.

Чудо на могиле: Мать попросила умершего сына подать ей особый знак и к ней на руку села малиновка

That day early in the morning she got in the car to go to work, and later to go to the cemetery, and before that, said aloud, «Jack, please show your mom some special sign.» Mary needed this, to know that Jack hears her and that he is somewhere near her, despite his death.

After work she came to his grave and sat on the grass next to the headstone. And suddenly she saw a small bird. It was a Robin with a bright orange breast. The bird flew around restlessly and then sat up straight on the gravestone. Mary thought it was unusual, she took the phone and started capturing the bird on video.

And then Robin went closer and sat right on her palm. The bird behaved as if it was a manual.

«She looked me straight in the eye, and then a couple of times pecked my fingers. After that my cheeks flowed with tears, I was very deeply moved. I’m sure it was a special sign from my boy Jack.»

While Mary was crying, Robin jumped on her sneakers and sat there, and then flew away.

Чудо на могиле: Мать попросила умершего сына подать ей особый знак и к ней на руку села малиновка

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