Portrait of a stranger on the da Vinci painting

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Портрет пришельца на картине да ВинчиItalian artist and inventor of the Renaissance Leonardo da Vinci left behind so many secrets and mysteries that to study them need more than one century. This time the surprise researchers of the famous painter presented his painting «John the Baptist».

Another John

I must say that the canvas itself is unusual, as in manner of execution and plot. First, most of the portraits created by the artist, with rare exceptions, have as the background landscape («Mona Lisa,» «Madonna of the carnation»). The background of the painting «John the Baptist» — a deep black.

Moreover, no detailed analysis of the paintings using the most advanced instruments helped researchers to detect the traces of brush strokes — even at the micro level, the painting surface is completely smooth.

Портрет пришельца на картине да Винчи

Now for the plot. Most of the artists depicting John the Baptist saw him (especially in iconography) stern, gaunt man, whose eyes seemed to focus all the world’s pain and suffering for the human race. And only da Vinci John is a sleek well-fed young man with an ambiguous smile, and his eyes read not suffering, and outright sin.

And that before us is John the Baptist, not young a rake and a libertine, says only a small cross in his left hand. By the way, an artist’s model the artist was his favourite pupil, Salai, who, according to one version, served as a model for the «Mona Lisa».

If you take the mirror

But recent, more thorough studies of the painting showed that, but John the Baptist, the artist has created on canvas a portrait of another strange, incomprehensible and, most likely, unknown to his contemporaries beings. But the creature is familiar through the works of science fiction to the inhabitants of the XXI century.

Портрет пришельца на картине да Винчи

Judge for yourself: huge eyes, tapering to the chin of the skull, powerful forehead, narrow slit mouth and no nose. Correct! In front of us — canonical, so to speak, a portrait of the alien. More precisely, half of the portrait. But the whole image of the visitor from outer space you can get, if you bring to the picture a mirror.

A similar technique was used by artists, hiding in his paintings of encrypted symbols.

However, to detect the alien, one mirror is not enough. His portrait is so carefully disguised that it can only be seen using computer processing of an image by uniform lightening of the background.

Портрет пришельца на картине да Винчи

If a little «paint» a picture of the person before us will be almost a typical «gray», only with horns on his head

Портрет пришельца на картине да Винчи

What famous painter would want to hide in my extraterrestrial form of life? First, Leonardo da Vinci was a great lover of the secret characters, repeatedly used them in his works. And since not all of these symbols was encouraged by the Church, they had carefully hidden.

But why is the portrait of an alien so similar to replicated with modern cinema the way, why is it the artist disguised in his painting and, most importantly, where do in the XVI century painter would come the thought about the existence of extraterrestrial life forms — these are the questions yet to be answered.

Author: Igor NIKITIN
The magazine «Secrets of the twentieth century» №14, 2017

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