What will tell the ancient relics?

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What will tell the ancient relics? High pace of technology development, which began in the second half of the last century, is currently a bit stalled. Mankind gradually comes to realize the necessity of revaluation of historical hypotheses and facts. However, every theory sooner or later comes in a dull corner – the question of where did humanity. At the moment there are three main hypotheses that interpret the history and the data obtained in the course of archaeological excavations, religious, evolutionary and alien.

О чем расскажут древние реликвии?

The oldest of these areas is religious. Faith was the factor that finally divided the society and contributed to the emergence of the pyramid of worldly and ecclesiastical rulers at the top. God, through their elected representatives passed their will. At the same time, elected, in order to convey the voice of God people, you had to surround yourself with powerful relics. Most mysterious objects, which wanted to take over the earth lords, one way or another were associated with the presence on Earth of the Messiah.

For centuries the custom that all the people could not explain or understand, he was filled with fantasies. That’s relatively ancient relics there are many contradictions. Some believe that it was certain items. For others – it was something intangible, and descriptions of these ancient artifacts – no more than peculiarities of the translation and assimilation of the legends and myths of a particular culture. As evidence, proponents of the theory of intangible relics to the example of manna from heaven. It is possible that during a sudden turning of the Neanderthals in human, this manna could be technology, information or even biologically active substances, because there is no evidence of excavation, which would indicate intermediate stages of the transformation.

It is possible that ancient people knew the origins of their origin. However, the flood destroyed almost all of humanity, and with it the knowledge that it possessed. Managed to survive only those who built the ships, or lived in unflooded areas of land. But such a significant and terrible event scared people, and the consciousness erased all memories of him. Instead, mankind has been fantasy, myths and legends. Ancient people could not understand what was the cause of the damage, so they came to the conclusion that God is punishing mankind for sin. The ancient fear was contending with religion, which clearly delineated the sins and punishments for them.

If we consider the flood of alien point of view (or paleocontact), the flood was caused by alien beings in exchange for all and human curiosity. The ancient people tried to find out secrets about which it is too early to know. There was the so-called situation «a monkey with a grenade», so the aliens decided to destroy the APE (i.e., humans) to avoid unintended consequences.

It should be noted that the myths of the flood are almost absent in the cultures of many Nations, particularly in Northern, Central and Eastern Asia, Africa, and rarely can they be heard in Europe. Scientists explain this by the fact that in Europe and Asia, development never stopped, so here the States were and remain the most developed. As for Africa, and currently it remains a pristine area on the planet. Therefore, we can assume that the ancient relics have been hidden where it was most safe. Therefore, Hitler repeatedly sought the Holy Grail in the Himalayas. And scientists suggest that the Grail may be hidden in England, France and even Russia.

The most ancient myth, which mentions the Grail is Celtic myth, but it is possible that it was borrowed from more ancient peoples and adapted to local traditions, customs and names.

Celtic mythology has many common roots with the mythology of the Sumerians. Speech, in particular, about the existence of underground alien creatures who arrived from another planet or even from another system. In one myth describes the journey into the hereafter Annun for a magical cauldron. This image served as the basis for creating hypotheses about the Grail. Magic cauldron in myth was kept in the castle, invisible to the uninitiated, but to get inside that castle could only those people whose inner Grail was full of pure thoughts.

In Celtic mythology there is also a legend about the so-called glaring stone, the Grail, and cry confirmed the election of the present king.

Renewalist legends say that the Grail was called the silver platter with the bloody head. However, modern interpretations of myths and legends quite far removed from the source. It is very well seen on the example of the Holy Grail.

Bowl in Irish and Welsh legends, in the same way as a magic tablecloth in Russian fairy tales, gave the traveler abundance and helped to carry out his mission without hesitation the supply of food and water. At the same time, a religious interpretation of the Cup meant a vessel in which was placed the blood of Jesus Christ, crucified on the cross. This bowl was a ritual vessel for Christ and his disciples-apostles.

The quest for the Grail began in the 9th century, when in Europe there was a fashion on sacred relics associated with the presence on Earth of the Messiah. In the 13th century Saint Louis had brought the instruments of the Passion, which has spurred the search for the Holy Cup, because among the artifacts of the Grail was not.

In the 19th century several cities almost simultaneously said that possess the Holy Grail, and everywhere confirms the validity of relics. As it turned out, most of these vessels were dated by later time.

The most recent mention of the possession of the Grail is the message fans of the esoteric theory of the spouses Helena Blavatsky, Roerich. Fan doctrine, Blavatsky was Hitler. Under its influence the Fuhrer initiated the creation of the Ahnenerbe society and the beginning of the search for the ancient relics. In the words of the couple of Russian scientists, the shard of the Grail he found himself owners (of course, in their face), but then disappeared without a trace.

Currently there is no common understanding of what actually was the Holy Grail: Holy by the blood of Christ, a basket of plenty, a large vessel for mixing wine and water in Church rituals or a General term of heirs of Christ living on Earth.

Thus, the Grail is a mystery that periodically offers dedicated, but just as suddenly disappears. Grail can feed their owners (as was the case with I. of Arimathea during his imprisonment). By the way, this ability brings the bowl with mythical symbols of abundance: the Celtic cauldron, a Greek horn.

All unworthy who dare to approach the Holy Grail, will be struck by a deadly disease, which causes the heat emanating from relics, legend.

It is worth noting that in some early sources the Grail was not a vessel but a stone or a precious relic that granted immortality and good. Those worthy who were near, could obtain immortality, and those who drank from the Cup may receive eternal life.

However, in most legends, the Holy Grail of means the Holy Grail, very often unavailable or difficult to achieve.

Maybe finding a mysterious ancient relics will help humanity to know the secret of his origin, and people will be able to finally answer the question of where it came from…

Although, there are some States whose governments don’t want the mystery of the ancient relics have been discovered. We are talking about America, which is actually engaged in the looting of museums in Iraq, Syria and Libya and destroying entire strata of the rich heritage of ancient culture. Later, much of the artifacts is on the American black market of Antiques, but it is not the most important thing. And the main thing is that Damascus is one of the oldest cities on the planet, which archaeologists give about 8 thousand years. At the same time, this is one of the main areas with Protestant, Jewish and Islamic eschatology.

The desire of Americans to control the past is understandable, because who controls the past will control the future. If the past is to change, it can lead to death even the very viability of the nation.

Currently, America is just trying to rewrite the history of mankind (mysteries of history). This process began after the invasion of Iraq and the looting of the Iraqi museums. They were presented with a huge collection of the Sumerian, Babylonian, Assyrian, Islamic culture.

Something similar is happening in Libya, which is one of the richest in archaeological terms, the part of the Sahara desert. Here was one of the most densely populated centers of primitive society.

In Egypt in 2011, during the revolution, there have been some mysterious events. The Cairo Museum was looted, but amazingly, was stolen just the values that have cultural value, and no window was not broken.

In all these cases we are not talking about trivial enrichment. All actions of the robbers can be seen a kind of occult sense, because on the territory of modern Iraq and Syria in ancient times was Mesopotamia and its capital Babylon, the famous tower of Babel. It was a magical building, the sides of which were oriented to the cardinal. Some scientists suggested that the cardinal will be the military terrorist actions of those who claim to be the new masters of the world, whom think they are Americans.

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