Near the Sun have discovered a giant alien object

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Popular UFO researcher Scott Waring says that he found the video of the Sun, an alien object of gigantic proportions. According to the researcher, a mysterious video was made recently by the spacecraft «SOHO», designed for observations of our star. A joint project of the European space Agency and NASA allows you to follow the Sun through the 12 advanced instruments, including the coronal diagnostic spectrometer, a system for analyzing charges and particles, ultraviolet telescope, measuring the anisotropy of the solar wind and so on.

Возле Солнца обнаружили гигантский инопланетный объект

Sometimes the satellite captures unexplained anomalies, and one of them, Scott noticed on January 19 of this year. Include the following video, you can see the white unidentified flying object, located relatively close to the sun. The dimensions of this space ship must be enormous, and we can only guess how it got there. UFO, as you might guess, I am convinced that it was a spaceship of aliens. Waring suggests that members of some extraterrestrial civilization mined in the Sun’s energy. A flying ship the size of the whole planet probably moved at the speed of light as it was imprinted only on one frame beveled «SOHO» video.

The Sun found a giant alien object

However, this UFO near Sun UFO find for a long time and I must say, with an enviable constancy. And vain skeptics mocked independent researchers, as the extent of such «devices» commensurate with our planet, and even more (which is the cause of skepticism), to explain the background of stars, some objects simply cannot be otherwise, referring to the flares, prominences and so on: they are artificial in its forms and ways of moving. And current UFO – too much proof of that…


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