Julia «Dark Rose» Caples calls himself a real vampire

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Julia «Black rose», Capls (Julia «Dark Rose» Caples) every month drink at least a pint of human blood to «replenish their sexual energy.» The blood she takes from her fans, which she has plenty.

People come to her and willingly allow Julia to bite themselves and drink their blood.

Julia is the mother of two children, she is now 50 years old, and to drink human blood, she started in 20 years. The woman calls himself the real founder of modern fashion for vampires and the symbol of this culture.

Julia «Dark Rose» Caples себя называет реальным вампиром

But not everyone accepts her strange and perverted lifestyle. According to Julia, she has enough haters, which the woman was forced to move from city to countryside, and her neighbour drove his car into her house and Julie says he probably wanted to kill her.

The people themselves allow the vampire to drink their blood

Julia «Dark Rose» Caples себя называет реальным вампиром

Julia «Dark Rose» Caples себя называет реальным вампиром

Julia wants to get on the TV show The Wizard of Odds and there to tell all about her life in the hope that people will understand and accept it for what it is.

Julie Caples lives in Pennsylvania. She says that at the height of her popularity as a vampire came in the 90s, when she traveled worldwide and attended various TV shows. But then, few people looked at her as a freak but as a real vampire.

«Now the fashion for vampires and many people dress up in vampire style and trying to behave «like vampires», but they are not like me. They imitate their heroes from movies, but I’m a vampire in real life. I drink real human blood, and it gives me an incredible sexual energy. It’s like an aphrodisiac».

Julia «Dark Rose» Caples себя называет реальным вампиром

Julia says that she wants to find young real vampires to give them the experience, including the negative, that they themselves do not have to go through anything like that.

«They tried to kill me, I was forced to flee the city, I was not hired or was fired. My life has not been easy, but I am and if you feel the same, don’t shut yourself in, and accept myself.»

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