Conspiracy theorists got the proof that the ISS is a hoax

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In recent years, gaining popularity of the theory that the international space station is actually a hoax, which involves 14 countries, including Russia and America. Ufologists and conspiracy theorists are more and more indirect evidence that there is no ISS orbiting the earth, and all that is a video, filmed inside and outside the station are fake. And one such evidence was received a few days ago.

Конспирологи получили доказательство, что МКС – мистификация

Americans Scott tingle and mark Vande HEI, Japanese, Kanae Noriega, who is now allegedly on Board the orbital station, gave recently an interview to live. Experts told the audience about life beyond Earth and on the ongoing ISS experiments. In short, it was an unremarkable stream, the same which was already very much. Engineers, it seemed, were in a state of weightlessness, and how they were supposed to.

However, when the interview came to an end, something very strange happened. In the video formed a substantial interference, and interestingly, this interference appeared only in the part of the frame where the astronauts. Experts in the field of video editing considered that a failure has occurred in what is called chromakeying. In other words, the image of Americans and Japanese first clearly filmed somewhere in front of a green screen and then imposed on the image of the interior of the ISS.

However, the system was a problem, and videoslos with «sozdatelyami» blurred rainbow interference. Including the videos below and squandered it at the end, you will be able to see it with my own eyes. Unfortunately, any comments NASA and other space Agency on the planet refuse to give. And if ufologists and conspiracy theorists are right, then there is a legitimate question: why do the powerful of this world it is necessary to create visibility of the ISS? Then get questioned and other space projects of earthlings, for example, not only the lunar mission of the Americans, but also their exploration of Mars and so on. This is all very strange and even scary, to say the regulars of the Internet interested in space… the original

Video: Conspiracy theorists got another proof that the ISS is a hoax


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