Unexplained photo of Hillary Clinton is not mounting

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The world wide web is gaining popularity is a strange photo taken at the end of last year during the presidential race in the United States. A mysterious picture shows presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, emerging from his car. It would seem very harmless image – that’s probably why no one for almost a year not to have noticed anything suspicious. Now, however, Internet users suddenly realized: this picture something is wrong.

Необъяснимое фото Хиллари Клинтон - это не монтаж

It turned out that the reflection of a 69-year-old female politician in the window of the car does not correspond to reality! In fact, when Clinton left the transport, her mouth was only slightly open, but if you look at the frosted glass of the machine, we can see that in the reflection of the female mouth is opened widely, as if in a silent cry. This is a fragment of the original picture, made by one of the American photographers, that is, the mounting is completely eliminated. But how is this possible?

Some commentators tried to find a rational explanation. According to one version, such an unusual effect was created by a slight bend between the car body and window, distorted reflection of the American. That is, as in a distorting mirror, the reflection was not too similar to humans.

Another hypothesis says that the reason the feature works with certain digital cameras. The fact that the cameras with progressive scanning of the matrix, an image not entirely, and as if fragmented, top-down and with the difference in milliseconds. Thus, the in the end consists of several parts, made, roughly speaking, at different times. Especially well this effect is noticeable if you remove the rotating blades of the aircraft. That is, Clinton could just close the mouth, but in her reflection in the photo he still remained open.

Despite this logical explanation, many netizens still found that we are talking about mysticism. According to them, Hillary Clinton may be a demon masquerading as a human. Say, looking at any pictures of Democrat, you can understand that a female politician is trying not to be photographed next to mirrors and other reflective surfaces. Did they reveal her true nature?

In addition, many commentators report: the reflection in the eyes of Clinton completely black, which again gives her some kind of nonhuman species…

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