The Kazakhstan boxer took a selfie with the Ghost girl

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Казахстанец сделал селфи с призрачной девушкой

A resident of the Kazakh city of Pavlodar Temirlan Ahmetov says that recently he might have been able to take a photo with the Ghost girl, that is — with a real Ghost .

The man reports that he went on holiday to the other and took a new baseball bat, which had planned to give to a friend. Once in the car, our hero was photographed with a future gift. Only later, reviewing the pictures, the Kazakh was surprised to see him pale on a woman’s profile. Temirlan says that was in the car alone, and who owned it who took from «nowhere» person for him a complete mystery.

Казахстанец сделал селфи с призрачной девушкой

Needless to say that Akhmetov thought comes from the world. According to the words of men he had faced in his life with unexplained phenomena. However, what paranormalen met the resident of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the old days, history is silent, because the man himself to talk about it did not.

After the recent incident, the Pavlodar city every now and again looking back, when getting into his car. Who knows, maybe phantom girl again suddenly materializes in the back seat. Even though she, according to our hero, and is quite nice, but to be around someone’s unquiet spirit still not very nice. Moreover, no one knows with what intentions – good or bad – this Ghost appears in our world…

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