A woman is suing Imperial California for Bigfoot, which he has recorded on video

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Женщина судится с правительском Калифорнии из-за снежного человека, которого записала на видео

A resident of the area Crestline in California filed a lawsuit against the state government to force officials to admit the existence of Bigfoot .

Claudia ACLI says that he went in March last year on a hike with his daughters. Being near lake arrowhead, American women, according to them, he saw Bigfoot in the tree. Woman and girls tell that it was a huge APE-like creature with a height of three meters (or somewhere around that). According to estimates Claudia, the monster weighed at least 350 pounds. He had completely black eyes and thick red hair.

One of the daughters of our heroine supposedly even managed to capture a legendary Primate of the phone’s camera. Include the following video you can see footage from that trip with my own eyes. Among the trees near the forest road at a certain point you can really consider something like high shade, but what it is – a living creature or parabolicheskie illusion – hard to say.

When ACLI appealed to the local Forester, he said that we are certainly talking about the bear. Then Claudia enlisted the support of a professional Bigfoot hunter, Todd Standing. Initially, the expert treated the woman with skepticism, however by looking at the received traveler roller, immediately noticed it cryptid.

Now, ACLI and standing intend to ensure that California officials acknowledged the existence of sasquatches. The lawsuit States that public servants put the public in serious danger, refusing to talk to people about snow people. It is reported that the case Claudia will be considered on March 19. During the hearing our heroes intend to provide the court with evidence and eyewitness testimony indicating the reality of Bigfoot.

Video: Woman suing Imperial California for Bigfoot, which he has recorded on video

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