Doctors about the mysterious disease American diplomats in Cuba

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Врачи о таинственной болезни американских дипломатов на Кубе

As we have mentioned on our website, us diplomats in Cuba suffered a mysterious attack, which had been connected with the use of a sonic weapon. Just suffered more than twenty American and some canadian employees of the diplomatic service .

Diplomats and members of their families suddenly began to lose hearing, they got dizzy, started even, allegedly, swelling of the brain, causing many of them were forced to return to the US, where they began to check out the full program by American doctors. In the recently published JAMA (journal of the American medical Association) published data from this survey. Doctors said that the workers of the diplomatic mission received in Cuba «concussion» without physical head trauma.

It turns out that was nevertheless applied some sort of sonic weapon, but any impact on the human brain using sounds that do not hear the human ear (range, excellent from 20 to 20,000 Hertz), can cause brain injuries with symptoms of concussion. It turns out that in Cuba or have applied the latest, even unknown weapons, which are difficult even to imagine, or is it a kind of mysticism.

Video: Doctors around the mysterious disease American diplomats in Cuba

The Cuban leadership completely denies any involvement in the incident, which then led to a cooling just for improving relations between the United States and the Island of Freedom, of at least two Cuban diplomats have been expelled from the United States.

Today’s report of the group of researchers of the University of Pennsylvania, published in JAMA, did not shed light on this incident, rather the contrary. If you have applied unprecedented sonic weapon, who used it and for what purpose? And if you did not have any weapons, then why the leadership of the United States was first to establish relations with the Republic of Cuba, and then suddenly go back on their word, and even in such a strange way?..

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