On the Danish island found no less than 300 strange «sun stones»

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На датском острове обнаружили не менее 300 непонятных «солнечных камней»

Another interesting finding made in Denmark. What hides this wonderful country from us? About a Grand, but not yet quite understand the finding, we will describe next.

On the island of Bornholm, which is related to Denmark, discovered more than three hundred carved stones Dating back to the stone age. The announcement came from «Science Alert».

Stones found in the South of the island, svyatilischa area that relates to Politova era, which operated in the period from 3500 to 2700 BC as the entrances to the complex times are consistent with the points of solstices, scientists assumed that he was considered a kind of tower, used for rites of worship to the Sun.

In the mysterious vault seen no less than three hundred carved stones that formed there in the legendary period of the stone age. One of them noticed a clear image of the strange symbol, resembling the Menorah of the Jews. The majority are lines drawn from the center like the rays of our sun.

The so-called «Sun stones» are small in size disks with pictures on one side. Note that a growing number of citizens of Denmark who are fans of rest on the island of Bornholm is called «Sunny island» and discovered the stones – «sun stones» due to the similarity to the shining in terms of shape.

Most stones are clear, so to speak, the solar motives, but there are several special finds.

The point where now find the stones before it was considered a religious center, and there was also the ancient complex, the inputs of which are consistent with the points of solstices, so that the stones got the name «Sunny». It’s kind of quadrilateral stones, which is covered with lines in the pattern with touches. Probably, they represent some fields. Round shaped stones are the notable characters of the network. Another impressive number of the «sun stones» stumbled in special trenches, which put the deceased, and after the decomposition of those remains were transferred to the chamber for burial.

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