Ufologists have described how the UFO attack North Korea

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Уфологи рассказали, как НЛО атакуют Северную Корею

During a live broadcast from the ISS over North Korea saw flying in the sky unidentified body.

It was reported that in the sky directly over North Korea captured a UFO reported by UFO-enthusiasts have noticed a strange kind of object right at the time when he conducted the broadcast from the ISS. Researchers have stated that the strange object flew to the upper layers of the atmospheric environment of the planet, and then simply vanished from sight.

Is to say that UFO were found in the testimony of witnesses from North Korea, allegedly also confirmed that they had been witnesses of UFOs and even alien beings themselves. The researchers made such a loud statement that the ship from space visited Earth to pick up other alien relatives that were already on the Ground and was engaged in intelligence work.

However, while there is no official data to corroborate the words of UFO enthusiasts. The «NASA» not hear evidence that our planet was sent to a UFO.

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