The moon found alien ship

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 На Луне обнаружили корабль инопланетян

Known ufologist, conspiracy theorist and virtual archaeologist George Graham, host of YouTube channel «Streetcap1», claims that he managed to find another amazing anomaly on images of the moon. Specialist talks, which looked at photos from the Chinese by the automatic interplanetary spacecraft «Chang’e-3» and noticed on one frame and a large man-made object, reminiscent of a spaceship. However, the man clearly could not create such a flying boat, and therefore the researcher concluded that we are talking about the spaceship aliens.

 На Луне обнаружили корабль инопланетян

Here’s what Graham wrote:

I don’t know what else it could be. Look at the details of the object. There is no way I processed the photo: do not change the brightness, contrast or color. So it looks like a fragment of a photo with the lunar mission, the Chinese unit «Chang’e-3». Every time I make such finds, seriously surprised. But what strikes me more is not that on the moon or Mars scattered many traces are there intelligent beings. About it know all who need. Harder to believe that no one has seen these objects before me. Do scientists China national space administration did not notice on my photographs this strikingly stands out from the lunar landscape of the ship? And the representatives of NASA, without a doubt, had to carefully study the materials of their colleagues.

Video: On the moon found alien ship

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