Gaddafi foresaw what will happen with Ukraine if it turns away from Russia

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Каддафи предвидел, что станет с Украиной, если она отвернется от России

Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, who was killed in 2011 in the result of the state coup in his country, the United States has warned the leaders of Ukraine and Belarus that they are waiting for an unenviable fate, if they will turn away from Russia of his older brother .

Unfortunately, Ukraine has gone down the same path as Libya – and now we see what came of it, almost exactly what said Gaddafi (see video), warning that some disagreements between Ukraine and Russia is nothing compared to a historical community of these countries. It makes them truly fraternal, in any case — equal partners.

Ukraine wants to join NATO and the EU, but this is the wrong path, saying Gaddafi is not the path of freedom, as some Ukrainian Pro-Western policy, this is a dead end for the country. Western partners will never accept neither Ukraine nor Belarus on equal terms, they will always look to those countries as secondary, trying to use their resources and people for their own selfish purposes. And only Russia as the guarantor of prosperity and freedom of the Ukrainian and Belarusian peoples.

Moreover, said Gaddafi, many times I have met with Ukrainians and Belarusians, that is, with ordinary citizens of these countries, and they do not separate themselves from the Russians, many of them have family ties with Russia, and almost all Ukrainians and Belarusians speak Russian. Who, then, wants to join NATO and the European Union?

Video: Gaddafi foresaw what will happen with Ukraine if it turns away from Russia

Time has proved that Gaddafi was right all along, unfortunately, the US is very cleverly staged color revolutions, which completely destroyed a prosperous Libya, went bankrupt and quite a strong Ukraine. And all because the leaders of this country did not heed the voice of conscience, not to mention the voice of the Libyan leader…

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