Tibet and Germany. Cooperation or test?

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Тибет и Германия. Сотрудничество или испытания?

The thirst for world domination demanded from the top of the German Reich involving the struggle for power, a mysterious knowledge and new technologies, which, according to rumors, had the residents of the legendary Shambhala. In this regard, in 1938, Tibet sent expedition organized a new secret unit of the German Ahnenerbe. Led expedition E. Schaeffer. In the course of the expedition, who has worked in Tibet for about two months, the group not only managed to reach Lhasa, but also to establish cooperation of the 3rd Reich with the Tibetan Regent Qutughtu.

By the way, interesting fact: in the archives of the masons is a film shot by the participants of this expedition. It captures the rituals, by monks, and practices from the category of magic. On the tape, as by means of gurus mediums go into trance. Also there recorded the hysterical dances of the monks practicing the ancient Bon religion. The basis of the Bon religion was the struggle with evil spirits. Among adherents of this unusual religion had a lot of mages that can communicate with otherworldly forces. That is the ability of the monks of Bon was very interested in German researchers. They are carefully collected ancient texts. They were especially interested in mantra, the recitation of which helps to achieve acoustic resonance, and which are particularly effective in communicating with spirits. And many more…

What practical results brought the expedition today is not known, but in the capture of Berlin, Soviet soldiers were very surprised to see the large number of deaths of Tibetans, which was wearing an SS uniform. Then there were different version: what is mages, or wizards, or guards of Hitler… But maybe the mystery of the finding of Tibetans in the ranks of the Nazis is explained quite simply and is the result of the above expedition.

It should be noted that the relationship of Tibetans with the Germans began back in 20-ies of the last century. At that time in Berlin is often seen Tibetan Lama. Rather, he fulfilled the functions of prophet, as several times was able to guess the number of Nazi representatives, held in the Reichstag elections. A few years after his arrival in Germany, in the territory of the state appeared in the Tibetan colony. From the documents of those years it is known that many Tibetans have become soothsayers, astrologers and clairvoyants at the top of the German nobility. They believed about the miraculous power and wisdom of the East legends. When it became clear that Germany was defeated and the Nazi regime are numbered, Tibetan sorcerers chose to commit suicide, taking with him many secret knowledge.

There is a legitimate question: why only the Germans Tibet was given such a warm welcome? Why only the Germans provided comprehensive assistance to the Lord of Tibet?

A possible reason is that if expeditions from other countries – Russia, England were set a task to expand spheres of influence in China and Tibet, to prepare the way of penetration in India. While the Germans in Tibet came with clear plans to build a new world order based on the idea of Superman and race. The idea of the Germans to restructure the world was for Tibetan lamas are much more interesting than the plans of the British and Soviet expeditions.

Recently became available to create the Nazi atomic weapons. Of course, in development, in those times, weapons of fantastic power, was attended by the Ahnenerbe. The documents refer to, it would seem quite incredible fact that the knowledge required to create such a devastating weapon, the Germans received from a higher civilization from Aldebaran. The operation was called «Aldebaran». Contact with this civilization supposedly happened in the German secret base in Antarctica. This information can be, and it would seem fantastic if it was not present the name of a real person – Wernher von Braun. Given the fact that many years later, this man became one of the founders of the American project and the moon landing, information about the operation, «Aldebaran» acquire a certain reality.

In 1946 the Americans sent a search expedition in Antarctica, to be sure, the seemingly fantastic information. This operation received the code name «High jump». The result of the expedition was available to the media only many years after its completion. According to the head of the search team, they allegedly found in the ice database Ahnenerbe. Inside the base were an unusual aircraft discoid shape, is able in just a few seconds to fly over great distances.

Also, the Americans are sure that all the equipment was shipped to Antarctica on submarines. But why in Antarctica, the Germans were equipped with a secret base, the Ahnenerbe? The answer is in the words of Wernher von Braun: he argued that there is «Transmarine eye» and talked about aircraft, able to rise to the height of 4 thousand kilometers. The developer of the missiles, the FAA probably can be trusted in regard to such equipment.

No one doubts that many more secrets are stored in secret archives of America, the former Soviet Union and England. There you can find reports on the activities of the «priests of Tibet,» about the project «Tula» and «Vila» to create a time machine.

Hitler wanted to win the war for world domination, and the Ahnenerbe project implies a long stage of work. Therefore, the Germans sped up work on nuclear weapons and missiles FAU. Of interest is the fact that the latest modification of the rocket, the FAA used the knowledge on the effects on space and time! In addition, some researchers say that the atomic bomb the Germans were in 1944. The tests allegedly took place on the island of Ruegen and in Thuringia. About the trials were informed Truman and Stalin. Before Hitler, had a difficult dilemma: the Reich of powerful weapons, capable of inflicting great damage to the enemy, and the fact that the Russians and Americans also worked successfully in this area and may be able to strike back. Moreover, the German atomic bomb was not in the full sense of the nuclear, it is likely more correct to call it fusion. Hitler, as usual, turned for advice to mystics Ahnenerbe. And they again brought him back to Shambhala and Agartha…

If the work of the Ahnenerbe touched the barren seances and mystical studies, it is unlikely that it was interested in Soviet intelligence and allies, and they wouldn’t risk their agents to know about the events taking place inside the Ahnenerbe. Should be taken as fact: if about many secret operations of the second world war is already known, then everything about the development of the Ahnenerbe is still classified as «secret» in all the world’s archives. There is only the testimony of one of the participants of the project «Tula,» which argued that due to information received in Tibet, the Germans managed to make significant progress in the development of nuclear weapons.

The fact that the Germans were interested in contacts with Tibet, no doubt. But what I received from this cooperation themselves the priests of Tibet? There are several versions of the answer. Tibet has suffered from the attempts of China to Annex it to its territories. Tibet needed an ally against the aggressive China and the choice fell on no less aggressive Germany, with its ambition to conquer the whole world.

Another version is perceived Germany as a Guinea pig, watching as one state will be able to enslave other peoples of the world.

But no matter what version of collaboration may be, one thing is clear, the Himalayan monks actively helped the Nazi Reich to conquer Europe and attack on the Soviet Union.

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