The architect built the American Stonehenge, «Coral castle»

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Edward Leedskalnin single-handedly built America’s Stonehenge, which is sometimes called the «eighth wonder of the world». Scientists are unable to comprehend the technology of the building. The sculptor called the creation of the Park, stone gate, later, the construction was renamed Coral castle.

Архитектор построил американский Стоунхендж «Коралловый замок»

The construction of Coral castle are made of monolithic blocks weighing up to 30 tons. The stones kept with high accuracy without using solutions. Some monoliths larger and heavier blocks of the pyramid of Cheops.

In 28 years of work on the construction of Edward Leedskalnin processed 1100 tons. Weighing about 50 kg and height is 150 cm the man was extracted, transferred and processed blocks. The master always worked at night without witnesses.

How did the lives of inscrutable master

Edward Leedskalnin studied only up to 4th grade, and then learned the profession of a stonemason. At 23, the guy left his native Latvia from-for unfortunate love.

Edward told me that his bride on the night before the wedding, broke the engagement. The man called his beloved «sweet sixteen» and a lifetime to meet her.

The sculptor built the castle in the hope that it will return to the beloved, but the woman refused. After the death Ledskalnina journalists tracked down the 80-year-old Muse of the sculptor, but she refused to visit the facility.

The Latvian started building the castle in 33 years in Florida. He studied science, astronomy, and history of Ancient Egypt. Edward claimed to have solved the mystery of the construction of the Egyptian pyramids and built a castle the same method.

Amazing buildings

From multi-ton boulders carved master table heart shaped chairs, a rocking chair, fountain, well, moon, planets, solar watch etc. In the two-story tower weighing 243 tons housed the workshop of the architect and the bedroom. But the main riddle of steel engineering gate is a unique building.

Архитектор построил американский Стоунхендж «Коралловый замок»

Photo: Ebyabe/ BY-SA 3.0

In the castle are the only gate. Sash weight of 9 tons is balanced so that it is easy to open a small child. Leedskalnin without the use of power tools drilled in the thicker limestone almost perfect round hole and found the perfect center of gravity. As it turned out, the door kept the old suspension from the truck.

Архитектор построил американский Стоунхендж «Коралловый замок»

Photo: Ebyabe/ BY-SA 3.0


In 1936, at the neighboring property started the construction of a multistory building. A lover of privacy decided to move.

Edward single-handedly moved their building to the city of HOMESTEAD for 3 years. The architect hired a truck, but the driver was not involved in the process of loading and unloading. Every time a stonemason had asked him to leave.

The unique construction gave rise to many theories and versions about construction technology. After the Edward Lidskalninsh wrote 5 manuscripts, in which researchers have found only hints at the secrets of construction.

The mystery of a stonemason

The architect was interested in the theories of magnetism. According to one version, the researcher used an electromagnetic resonance.

«A magnet is a substance that is constantly circulating in the metal. But every particle in this substance itself is a tiny magnet. They are so small that they are no obstacles. Pass them through metal easier than through air. The magnets are in constant motion. If this movement is directed in the right direction, it is possible to obtain a tremendous source of power…» (from the book of Edward Lidskalninsh «Magnetic flux»).

Архитектор построил американский Стоунхендж «Коралловый замок»

Photo: Ebyabe/ BY-SA 3.0

In the book «the Enigma of Coral castle» ray Stoner suggested that Edward Lidskalninsh knew the secret of antigravity control. He was able to overcome the force of gravity and levitate monoliths. Indeed, neighbour, Edward told me that his coral stones flew through the air.

In 1984, the US government has included Coral castle is on the national register of historical places in the country. Every year about 100 thousand tourists come to look at America’s Stonehenge.


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