The mystery of black «coffins» inside the mysterious bodies

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In August 1985, Vladimir Gerbel — school art teacher from the village Shokonsha, located on the shore of the Dvina Bay — instructed the disciples to do and to bring the figures out of tree bark.

The presented work is, of course, did not go beyond the usual children’s creativity. But one done by Sergei Radko, attracted attention. More precisely the material from which it was made. Matte black is definitely harder any crust, it had a fibrous structure, resembling petrified wood.

Where did he come from? The teacher’s questions, the boy replied, «big black deck» he found on the shore three kilometers from the village and with the help of a knife odolwa from it a small piece.

Vladimir Gorbel, unfortunately, was not inquisitive. The next day the weather deteriorated and he decided to postpone the search the deck until better times. But those days never came — at least, for him Radko. Nine-year-old boy disappeared, and a search of it yielded no results. However, some inhabitants of the village claimed that he had seen him on the beach.

Medieval wooden coffin deck

Загадка черных "саркофагов" с находящимися внутри таинственными телами

In «the polar Bulletin» a couple of months later there was a short note about the unusual mineral but no connection with the disappearance of the child was conducted. Another witness of the strange discovery, this time on pages of the regional newspaper «Zaonezhye» (October, 1989):

«A team of workers of the 4th detachment dredging TSRSU while clearing up the old Ladoga channel hydraulics in a layer of silt discovered a pair of massive black objects with a thickness of 7 and a length of about 3 meters. Their shape resembles rounded on both sides of the cylinder; the surface is strongly affected by erosion. It’s possible their artificial origin.»

For a number of years, similar cases have been recorded in Karelia, Murmansk and Vologda regions, the Komi Republic. But a sinister connection with the disappearance of people was established only in April 1995.

The reason was the disappearance of a group of fishermen in the village of Divya. Early on the morning of 17 February, the six men, employees of the local timber industry went ice fishing. And no one returned home the next morning. Missing searched for a few days. Was discovered personal belongings on the ice, in holes glittered set of gear.

There is no wormwood, no cracks. A criminal case was initiated, but the investigation is practically stood on the site until mid-April. When thawed the ice shell, the features found are six (!) huge black cylinders. They were dilapidated and the inside had a significant cavity.

The coincidence of the number missing in the winter and the ill-fated number of findings was obvious. Their way, quickly and quite aptly dubbed the black sarcophagi. The investigator who led the case, has me wondering: is there something similar in the past.

The answers were stunned. Of the seven documented finds of black sarcophagi of five was accompanied by the disappearance of people! In fact they could be longer — after all, tourists or hunters rarely record your route.

The analysis of the material of the sarcophagi showed that their age is 240-270 years. Inside was able to detect the formation of biological origin. But all this was of little help in answering the main question: what happened to the missing people?

Black sarcophagi reminded us of itself again in 1998. Direct participant and witness of the dramatic events survived thanks to sheer luck, and his story sheds light on a mysterious history.

Nikolai Mayevsky was an avid lover of underwater archaeology. As a naval officer and having a good diving training, he repeatedly carried out the slopes in the Gulf of Finland. During one of the dives he found at the bottom in the area of Primorsk massive black object, which, in his opinion, was a chip of an ancient ship. The sailor tried to raise it to the surface.

In the material criminal case has a detailed story Majewski about the future:

«I fixed up the gear and dove in. Soon after leaving the buoy had found this long chip similar to izgryzannymi cucumber. He lay, half buried in the sand. Around his thin nylon cord, I went up.»

Pull out the chip to the shore by a machine Mayevsky failed. The cord slipped, and the wheels of the car sank in the sand. Then Majewski decided reliably zastroitj chip and raise, tied to the two ends of the inner tube. Blowing them up he assumed the air from diving cylinders. Memories of what happened in the next minutes, will be amazingly clear. Although that didn’t last long, Majewski will remember them as if you watched the events for hours.

«This time I took pneumotachometer to punch holes for slings. Work progressed slowly. Then it seemed to me that the surface of the chip smokes like jet dark steam escaped from under the drill. After you hit a real fountain… Instead turn off the engine by mistake I increased the air supply. Punch roared. Drill sting something with a crunch broke in depth. From the hole flew lumps the color of blood.

I pulled the hammer up. Muffled water sound, and from the surface of the chip broke off a big piece. Underneath him opened a cavity from which burst huge muddy bubble. Following this, he could see the upper part of the human body. Skin looked surprisingly white. Visibly protruding clavicle. Below was a huge laceration inflicted by a punch. Pieces of flesh hung from the edges. Water flowed swirling trail of blood.

But worst of all was the face of a prisoner in the tree of creatures. Undoubtedly, human, devoid of the slightest sign of vegetation, it was contorted grimace of pain and uncontrollable rage. The creature looked at me like a vampire from his coffin, frantically opening and closing her mouth. His eyes had a compelling, hypnotic force. Left hand I tried to push off from the chip, but the creature suddenly grabbed my wrist.

Fingers tightened with inhuman strength. I felt a sharp pain and suddenly saw a hand being destroyed rubber wetsuit. Then she felt a sharp pain, as from a burn. Gushing blood is MY blood, and I began to lose consciousness. And the creature had pulled me closer, as if trying to absorb. The last effort I raised the hammer, which continued to hold the right hand, and, turning, thrust the underwater monster.»

Perhaps the «black coffins» was capsules with aliens?

Загадка черных "саркофагов" с находящимися внутри таинственными телами

Majewski survived, but lost an arm. According to the statement of physicians, the damaged wrist was exposed to the strongest solvent.

So who are they, creatures of the black sarcophagus? The clue may give the essay of the monk Ignatius Kurleeva «Book of secret knowledge,» written in 1653. In the Chapter «signs and Wonders» says:

«And so, izbirate bodily disasters and death, foreigners committed abominable way. Eager people were sent especially, in the vein of them allowed blood stone and placed in a crafted oak barrels, throwing it on the floor… And they lived there, not dying, not days, and years… and im in need of flesh».

What is meant by the author under the «stone of blood» — unknown, but it seems that in the XVII century in Russia becomes known to the immersion of a person in a border state (hibernation) without deep cooling of tissues. Uninvited guests from the past waiting in the wings for a long time — almost three and a half centuries — until a storm or a period not carried to the shore fossilized in many years of tree trunks.

However, it is possible that the mechanism of their return to another life, but it does not change the overall situation. Who knows how many black sarcophagi concealed the coastal waters? And without them there are many unexplained disappearances? In fact, according to Ignatius Kurleeva, the undead need the living flesh…

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