Attack of the witch

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This story happened to two friends who decided to spend the summer at the cottage. They have a habit every day after work at the site, relax on the porch. And once they settled down at his favorite spot and lit, began to speak on various topics.

When dusk fell, one of his friends, Sergei, got up and went to make tea and the other, Nicholas continued to watch the coming of night. And suddenly he saw two bright spots moving from the gate to the country house. And they did it the way I would go two the invisible man, found himself in unfamiliar terrain: stayed and visited interesting places, bypassed them and moved on.

Later, Nicholas recalled: «Spots slowly walked through the garden, not paying any attention to me. They were the size of a soccer ball, shone pale, as if brushed by light, shadows are not cast…».

Нападение ведьмы

Meanwhile came out on the porch Sergei, holding a kettle. Spot suddenly rushed to his feet, causing the man in surprise dropped the kettle, rinsing it strange creatures with boiling water. Immediately came a wild cry, stain recoiled from Sergei, there was a small pop, and suddenly everything vanished.

Just then the buddies finally found the gift of speech and began to find out which of them that could see. Not knowing what it was, they went into the house, still unaware of what a night awaits them.

It turned out that in the country there is no light, and therefore we had to light a candle. Sergei locked the door, and the friends began to prepare for bed. Soon there came a violent knock at the door, which in principle could not be, as the gate to the garden, Nicholas was closed on the lock, and the height of the stone fence around the site ruled out any possibility of intrusion of uninvited guests.

Nicholas said to the man, so he did not open, but he didn’t listen. He didn’t even ask, as usual, «Who’s there?» and, throwing open the door, boldly went out on the porch. However, there was nobody there. Then Sergei walked around the cottage, he followed the path to the gate, to make sure it was locked, and went back into the house. Before he could close the door, as the knocking was repeated.

Sergei flinched, but then opened the door expectantly. Nicholas, meanwhile, approached the companion, strongly slammed the door, slid the bolt and went into the bedroom. Sergei followed him, and friends, put out the candle, lay on the bed made. However, a long rest, they didn’t knock sounded again, this time already out the window, and then all was quiet.

Frightened men nervously lit a cigarette and waited to see what would happen next. It took about half an hour and suddenly something white, shapeless looked in the window and then disappeared. Nicholas stood up and pushed the curtains. But ten minutes later, something rose above the curtains and looked into the room.

In the dim light of the moon buddies could see an eerie human face: sparkling eyes, bushy eyebrows, long matted hair and tightly compressed thin, wrinkled lips. Being distorted mouth in such a terrible smile that friends, unable to bear this, fled to the darkest corner of the bedroom. This creature they called a witch.

Suddenly, right under the window seemed whose semi-transparent hands with curled fingers, which gradually stretched until, until he reached the table and dropped him on the floor the candle then disappeared. The witch behind the window, meanwhile, continued to laugh.

Bolder Sergei tried to calm the other, saying that both of them everything that happens just imagining it. But here he was interrupted by a loud voice outside the window: «don’t believe? Look at this!». About what they saw then, Sergei told me the following: «In a dark corner of the bedroom, so immediately in front of him, we saw a fresh grave, and in it four dead bodies that lay one on the other and moved.

Then one of them stood up at full height, followed by rose and others. The first muffled moaned and asked: «what raised us? What happened to us?» To which another replied: «four of Us killed. Long we lie here. From 1913, the year… Hard for us…». But then the witch ordered the skeletons to disappear.»

However, this nightmares not over. The same voice said, addressing one of the men, «here comes your funeral, Nikolai Stepanovich, watch.» After that before eyes of friends appeared a clear picture of how out of the house carried the coffin of Nicholas and set in front of the hearse.

The witch commented, «You, Nicholas, will die from cancer exactly five years.»

Nikolai and Sergei, unable to break away from the terrible spectacle continued to watch. Here the coffin was lifted into a hearse and driven to the cemetery. Then it seemed a hill of black earth over the grave and a variety of wreaths, and above them a tall cross.

Finally, the vision disappeared, and the witch, mocking and laughing, asked Nikolay: «you Want me to show you in the next world to torment?».

Poor, lost his head and crawled under the bed with the axe. Armed thus, he ran out of the summer house and came face to face with a terrible old woman, and swung the axe. As if she was frightened and began to retreat, more precisely, to dissolve slowly in the dark. Soon its outline became blurred, and now the garden beds away from Nicholas ran two spots of light disappeared behind the gate.

The rest of the night the men did not sleep a wink, sitting in front of a burning candle. Just before dawn, the witch, probably, decided «to say goodbye»: in the silence of the wall under the window again, it seemed two hands, reached for the candle and extinguished it. Sergei tried to grab them for the brush, but his fingers passed through the void, feeling nothing.

Disappearing in the wall, a ghostly hand wagged his finger.

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