In Ivanovo something sucked the blood from thirty chickens

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Unknown predator causes damage to the owners of the poultry in the Ivanovo region. To the editor of the site is privately turned Ivanovets, who said that they had found dead in the yard of his house on the 8th Zavokzalnaya street in Ivanovo 30 chickens.

В Иваново нечто высосало кровь у тридцати кур

«No one tried to eat, just sucked the blood from the spine – surprised the owner of the poultry. I looked on the Internet, this is not the first case in the region, but right in the city! Interestingly, even the dog is not barking».

On domestic animals in the area periodically attacked by a Fox or other forest predators. For example, in the summer of 2014 «Chupacabra» actively sought in Kineshma district, where victims of a wild beast was chicken and rabbits.

Before there were similar cases in Teykovo, Volga, Vitovska areas. Pet owners have found them in the morning strangled and drained of blood. However, Ivanovets, lost chickens, doubts that Fox could wander out of the forest into the city limits at least, before he about anything such did not hear.

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