Translucent silhouette caught on surveillance camera in the building where once was a hospital

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In the British Kent to the CCTV camera in the house got something like a Ghost. Translucent whitish silhouette double-moved living room and if in the first case the object was difficult to discern the outlines of the human figure, then the second time it was like a head and part of shoulders.

The movement in the video, a Ghost (or was it two different Ghost) is much better than the footage.

Полупрозрачный силуэт попал на камеру наблюдения в здании, где раньше была больница

Полупрозрачный силуэт попал на камеру наблюдения в здании, где раньше была больница

Living in the house Steven Lee and his friend James say they believe that this building has ghosts, and previously there was a hospital, not living rooms.

A video surveillance camera in the living room set to watch the antics of the two family Pets — a French bulldog. Ghosts caught on video at night, when everyone was asleep.

Object caught on camera is difficult to explain by natural causes. A spider or other insect is not like, and when the Ghost passes a second time, very well perceived by the human gait.

Stephen Lee says he is not particularly believe in the supernatural. However, he feels that there is something strange.

He says that he saw his dog was in the hallway and someone was growling, but it was empty. Additionally, the lights on their Christmas tree sometimes mysteriously started to flicker and they couldn’t understand what the problem is.

  • «The deceased was a colleague came into his office, and then came to me in a dream»
  • On the ruins of a medieval castle photographed the Ghost of the black monk
  • British «Ghost Hunters» caught a long-legged Ghost in an abandoned psychiatric hospital
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