A woman called my son Beelzebub, and 8 months later brought it to the victim

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In Mexico, a woman was arrested after her house, the police found painted on the floor pentagram, and in the other room were the dead body of her eight-month-old son. It is reported that the woman was doing a satanic ritual and this brought his son to sacrifice.

Near the pentagram, drawn in chalk, was found other ritual items such as candles, real human skull (where it was taken is not yet known), oil, and the figure of the Devil.

26-year-old Leticia N. 8 months ago had a baby and gave him the name Belzebu (Belcebu), which is the variable name of the henchman of the devil, Beelzebub. The child’s father was driven from her home by Laetitia in January he came to the police with a complaint that a woman has forbidden him to see his son.

Женщина назвала своего сына Вельзевулом, а спустя 8 месяцев принесла его в жертву

It is reported that the pentagram was a picture of a silhouette of a child, and the corpse lay in a different place in the house and was badly disfigured.

The pentagram and the baby’s body was found after the father persuaded the police that in the house with his mother the boy is dangerous and that a woman can expose her son to violence.

Женщина назвала своего сына Вельзевулом, а спустя 8 месяцев принесла его в жертву

Unfortunately, the police came to the house too late. Letitia herself, opening the door of the police confidently announced that he did not know where her son is. However, the police thought her behavior suspicious. They decided to search the house and found the first drop of blood on the floor, then a pentagram, then the child’s body.

Now Leticia N. arrested for the murder of his son. It is also reported that she had an assistant, her new boyfriend, who ran away from home, the sight of the police. It is believed that he helped the woman to arrange a satanic ritual.

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