The girl said she was male in a past life

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From an early age Purnima told details about the manufacture of incense. The girl claims that in a past life was a man by the name of Ginalas. He made incense varieties «Ambika» (Ambika) and «Picca Gita» (Gita Pichcha). For a few years before the birth of Purnima Jinadasa knocked down by a bus.

Purnima spoke about where the man’s house, and even remembered how he died. It turned out that this is a real person. The family of Jinadasa living in Kelaniya (200 km from home Purnima), confirmed that everything said girl, really.

Девочка рассказала, что была мужчиной в прошлой жизни

Purnima when first met with the family of Jinadasa have recognised all the relatives and called one sister men younger sister, although younger Purnima.

The girl was also a birthmark on the left side of the chest, in the same place where Jinadasa ran over the wheel of the bus.

Scientists are searching for evidence

For decades it was reported about little children telling about a past life in vivid detail. The debate about the existence of an afterlife continues for centuries. Often past life tell children two years when learning to talk.

Real Stories has created a documentary film about children who claimed to remember a past life. Scientists have conducted surveys and studies to find out whether the person lived, who referred to a baby.

Девочка рассказала, что была мужчиной в прошлой жизни

The story of Purnima, Sri Lanka is one of the most documented cases. The girl began to tell about the past life of three years.

In the magazine «University of Virginia» tells of other children. Professor Jim B. Tucker of the University of Virginia gathered information about 2500 cases of reincarnation.

Tucker for several decades has researched similar cases, and believes that science can explain the phenomenon of reincarnation. «Quantum physics indicates that the physical world arises from consciousness,» said the Professor.

This is the basis of the theory that the material world is created by the brain. Therefore our consciousness is not dependent on the material world. When a person dies, the consciousness in a new brain and new life begins.

According to research by Tucker, 70% of children surveyed say that their previous life was interrupted by tragedy, as in the case of Purnima. Some children recalled the time between death and a new birth. Of course, you need to consider that children have a vivid imagination, and these stories can be invented.

Research will continue as long as sufficient evidence confirms the existence of reincarnation.

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