Siamese twins — one life for two (video)

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Disease and mutation: Conjoined twins — one life for two. Abby and Brittany Hensel – conjoined twins. They live a normal, active life of twenty girls. They went to University, they travel and work. But what the two individuals coexist in one body?

Сиамские близнецы — одна жизнь на двоих (видео)

Like all young people their age, twenty-three year old Abby and Brittany love spending time with friends, go on vacation, drive a car, play sports – in their case, volleyball, and live life to the full, reports .

Siamese twins American Minnesota graduated from the University of Betel and start your career primary school teachers with specialization in mathematics.

And although they have two diplomas, there is one problem when it comes to finances.

«We will, of course, understood that the salary will have one because we do the work of one person,» says Abby.

«Maybe with time, when we dial the experience, we will be able to negotiate increases, given that the diplomas we have two and we can see things differently and to teach differently».

«One can teach and the other to watch over the students and answer questions,» says Brittany. «So in that sense we can do more».

Their friend Cary Joe Honke always admired how the sisters manage to work together.

So similar and different

«It’s two different girls, but they have to work together to do the most simple things that I take for granted,» says Cary.

The twins are so well know each other, often in unison say the same things, one finishes the phrase the other, and the sisters are very supportive of each other.

Сиамские близнецы — одна жизнь на двоих (видео)

Sisters love their friends and love to travel with them

They have two pairs of lungs, two hearts, two stomachs, one liver, one large intestine and one reproductive system. They grew up learning to coordinate your body. Abby is responsible for the right side. Brittany – to the left.

They are different heights. Abby, whose height is 1 meter 57 cm, 10 cm above the sisters. Because their legs are different lengths, Brittany has to walk on eggshells to keep the balance.

They have learned to compromise on any issue – from food to where to go to relax and what clothes to wear.

«We have, of course, different style,» says Abby. — Brittany loves neutral colors, pearls and all. And I would have gladly wore bright, fun colors».

Abby usually for word in pocket climbs and always wins when it comes to a debate about what to wear. But Brittany says that her sister is a homebody, while she likes to out.

Сиамские близнецы — одна жизнь на двоих (видео)

The dispute about what to wear, usually wins Abby

There are other differences. Brittany is afraid of heights, but Abby is not. Abby loves math and science, while Brittany prefers the arts.

They react differently to coffee. After several cups Brittany starts racing heart, and Abby is none the wiser.

And body temperature are different.

«I can be a totally different temperature than Brittany,» says Abby. «And his hands have a different temperature I faster getting hot».

Despite the fact that family and social life, education and work they are the same as those of the same age, the sisters have to face additional difficulties.

A challenge to fate

For example, they often have to answer questions about his personal life. This topic girls prefer not to discuss. They denied the rumor that Brittany was engaged, calling it «a stupid joke».

And travel with friends to another country for the twins thing is not obvious. They have two passports, but one ticket, because the seat they occupy. They have to be doubly on the alert in crowds or places with large concentrations of people because they often start taking pictures. And they don’t want it.

Erin Junkans, a close friend of the twins, says they always have to be very careful, because it is impossible to predict in advance the reaction of the people.

«I want to make sure that they’re safe, and that they are not very visible. I try to block them from the cameras and are always watching what happens as the girls react to the crowd,» says Erin.

«Sometimes, when they begin to worry much, we have some time away from this place. But it always amazes me their ability to shake off everything and continue what we had come somewhere».

Сиамские близнецы — одна жизнь на двоих (видео)

Girls react differently to coffee

Conjoined twins are very rare. It is believed that their appearance was a one in 200 thousand. About 50% of such twins are stillborn. Girls survive more often than boys.

Any operation for the separation of conjoined twins is a highly complicated and dangerous process.

Parents are Abby and Brittany have decided not to take such a risk. They were afraid that one of the sisters to die, and they don’t have that life as it is now.

In the world today, probably less than 12 pairs of adult conjoined twins, Abby and Brittany are a challenge to fate. Their mother, Patty Hensel, says that he hopes for their future, as any mother hopes for a happy future for their children.

«Every mother wants her children to be successful, happy and healthy. They are successful, and that’s what I want,» says Patty.

Twins begin a career and going to live day by day, not thinking about what will happen to them in 10 years.

Working teachers, they have become for children an example to follow not only academically, but also in how they relate to life and overcome any difficulties.

«I don’t think there’s something they hadn’t tried or wouldn’t be able to do if I wanted to,» says Paul hood, Director of the school of sisters.

«Carry this to kids, especially those who may have difficulties, is a special gift. That’s what they learned on personal experience».

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