Named the cause of death of the Mayan civilization

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Named the cause of death of the Mayan civilization. Scientists from rice University believe hundred year drought between 800 and 900 years BC the main cause of the decline of the Mayan civilization.

Названа причина гибели цивилизации майя

Photo: Wikimedia Commons Pyramid Of Kukulkan

Testify the minerals found in the great blue hole near the coast of Belize and neighbouring lagoons. When rainfall resumed, the center of civilization shifted to the North, however, after several centuries, finally disappeared. Sediments indicate that this happened during the next drought.

Says study co-author Andre Droxler, thanks to the samples for analysis, it is first conclusively proven the climate version of the decline of the Maya.

Названа причина гибели цивилизации майя

Photo: Tami Freed/ Great blue hole in Belize

So, in the course of the study were taken sediment cores in the great blue hole and Diamond-shaped lagoon, which is surrounded on all sides by thick walls of coral reefs.

During periods of heavy rainfall water from rivers flowing through the walls and settles in the depths of the lagoon. In samples of these sediments, scientists have searched for the ratio of titanium and aluminum as the first metal gets into the water when the rains wash away the volcanic rocks on the Yucatan Peninsula. Therefore, low proportion of titanium in the sediments shows about periods of drought.

In the years of the decline of the Mayan civilization (800-1000 ad) the number of tropical cyclones decreased threefold. After that, the Maya moved North to Chichen Itza. However, in the 1000-1100 years reigned again severe drought in that period destroyed Chichen Itza and other cities of the North leave their inhabitants.

The main reason for the drought, researchers believe the shifts in the intertropical zone of convergence (intertropical convergence zone, ITCZ) system, normally a guide precipitation in the tropical regions of the world, thus drying the subtropics.

In the summer ITCZ pouring rain Yucatan, but the decline of the Maya, as I suspect the scientists associated with the monsoon could never get to the Peninsula.

The shortage of rainfall naturally led to the decline of agriculture, towns — and then, most likely, came the famine and internecine conflicts.

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