The battle with the aliens in new Mexico in 1979: testimony of an alleged eyewitness

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The battle with the aliens in new Mexico in 1979: testimony of an alleged eyewitness. Phil Schneider worked as a specialist in demolition works, helping in the construction of secret underground bases for the U.S. government in Dalsi, state of new Mexico, in 1979, in 1995, he told a wonderful story about meeting alien beings living underground.

Битва с инопланетянами в Нью-Мексико в 1979 году: свидетельства предполагаемого очевидца

Lake Dalsi, New Mexico. Phil Schneider claims that in 1979, he worked at a secret military base in Dalsi and met aliens. Photo: Christopher Nicol/Wikimedia Commons

Schneider claims that he was one of three survivors of a battle with aliens in August 1979 and the only person who got permission to release information about what the government knows about aliens.

He spoke critically of the government that keeps its citizens in ignorance. In the last two years of his life he has made public statements. Schneider claimed that his life was repeatedly attempted after he told what he knew. His death by suicide in 1997, raises great doubts among his supporters.

The story of an alien base and battle with aliens

At Schneider became suspicious when he saw a lot of «green berets» of the special forces around the camp.

Crew drilled four large holes — it was the standard preparation for the start of construction. But what came out of these holes did not fit into any standards, said Schneider in a lecture in 1995, He went under the earth to the moon and found a nearby six-foot gray alien.

«It was a stench worse than the most dirty garbage. It was absolutely terrible,» he says. Schneider felt for the gun. He was able to kill two creatures, but not before one of them managed to emit a strange and destructive energy.

The alien made a whirling motion of your hand in front of chest. Schneider showed this movement: «In the next moment, I was hit by a blue beam and literally fried like a fish».

He showed the audience his hand. The beam burned a few fingers on his left hand and hit him in the chest. His shoes and feet burned. Green beret saved the life of Schneider, but he died. He took Schneider into the Elevator and pressed the button to bring him up to safety.

More than 60 people died that day, Schneider said. Two survivors were currently living in a nursing home in Canada, he says. They are protected by the canadian government, and American citizens, including Schneider, have no right to communicate with them. According to Schneider, this is due to the fear that they can steal.

«Under the earth there was a war, and it is still going on,» he says. According to him, around the world under the ground is 1477 underground bases, and 129 of them are located in the United States. Each base costs about $ 17 billion. He says that there is a secret budget, hidden from the public and other ministries of the U.S. government, its volume reached 25% of GNP. Military from other countries also participate in this war with the aliens.

«We need to press our government officials to uncover the truth, he says. — If the truth cannot come out, then how can you say that we live in a free society?»

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