As an angel saved the child and his grandfather

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Usually in such cases people say lucky, but the esoterics say that to anyone and never brick on the head does not fall just so. And if after all the falls and falls – it is believed that a higher power took you from harm.

Как Ангел-хранитель уберег ребенка и его дедушку

Most often we attribute this to the intercession of our guardian Angels. In this particular example (see video) angel-the patron clearly cared about the child that believes in him even subconsciously, although grandpa was under the guise of a higher power, most likely due to his grandson.

The girl who became the involuntary witness of this terrible scene, clearly did not fall under the «accident». However, as they say warlocks and mages, if you were in the role of observer of the work of a guardian angel, it should be taken as a sign that your personal advocate, in this case away from you (you that way again), but because you almost go over the edge…

Video: How an angel saved the child and his grandfather

It may seem strange from the point of view of our human logic, the guardian Angels are growing stronger and becoming more powerful charms, if a person constantly asks for their help. If not, these high defenders just get weaker and generally leave their client. So, do not forget these selfless guardians of your earthly life, believe them, and they constantly rely on their help. If we look, for example, to such unquestioned spiritual authority, as St. Seraphim of Sarov, who, incidentally, never was a Minister and preacher of Christianity, although highly honored of Jesus Christ, he has repeatedly led the main words of the Savior: according to your faith and you will be given. So make your conclusions…

Says Siberian hereditary witch and healer Natalia Stepanova, most often refer to their patron with these simple words:

The guardian angel, come to me and not leave me never, wherever I went.

And don’t forget about gratitude to everything that surrounds you, including to his guardian angel – this feeling must permeate your entire life. Only in this case she will be happy and cloudless. Gratitude, along with Love, is one of the main energies of this Universe, the lack of which leads to disease and misery and suffering and premature death…

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