Famous scientist encourages humanity to leave Earth

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Известный ученый рекомендует человечеству покидать Землю

71-year-old American theoretical physicist and science popularizer of Japanese origin Michio Kaku spoke at a press conference on his new book «the Future of humanity». The author of popular science bestseller, which is called «an expert in something that has not happened,» admitted that looking at the fate of human civilization without much enthusiasm. According to the researcher, or that the death certainly awaits us in the future .

The scientist reports that 99.9% of all species that have ever evolved on Earth are extinct, and finding our «blue ball» man is only a tiny grain in the hourglass, if you look at the thousands of species that lived here before. We are being threatened by solar flares, meteorites, climate change, the eruption of the Yellowstone SUPERVOLCANO and other disasters, epidemics, aggression, advanced artificial intelligence and, finally, a nuclear war. In short, Michio Kaku believes that to live on Earth forever, our race can not. Physicist says:

Great story of life on Earth shows that all organisms faced with adverse conditions, there are three options: to leave a hostile environment to adapt to it or die. However, it is possible with high accuracy to predict, that someday, humanity will face a catastrophe so great that to adapt to its consequences will be physically impossible. Then our descendants will have to either die or leave the environment. Thus, the only chance for them would be the colonization of other planets. More to go the man would be nowhere. Unfortunately, the powers that be in no hurry either to avert a looming disaster or to save humanity beyond the Earth.

Известный ученый рекомендует человечеству покидать Землю

Michio Kaku suggests that humans will have to colonize the moon, Mars or other celestial bodies in the Solar system. The other option would be a journey through the so-called «wormholes» that will allow people to circumvent the laws of space-time and literally teleport to distant ekzoplanetu suitable for life. American even believes that the discoverers of the future will be able in theory to move to other dimensions, not like our world.

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