Unknown underground predators Pennsylvania

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Неизвестные науке подземные хищники Пенсильвании

About this terrible story, recently told the English-language site Mysterious Universe, dedicated to paranormal phenomena. According to the author, he found this information in one of the local Newspapers, namely the News Extra (14 Jul 1974), and the note is not like the April fool’s joke or newspaper «duck» .

However, it was reported that an inspector of mines by the name of Glenn E. Barger in 1944. claimed that unknown predators eaten alive 15 miners.

It happened near the small town of Dixonville (PA). Families of the dead miners has officially announced that all fifteen people were killed in the collapse.

The collapse actually took place, and control of the mine called Bargara to the inspector helped find missing people. When the passage is partially broadened, Barger and his partner Ted Walters entered place of work, miners first discovered their bodies.

The corpse, which they came across initially, looked as if he was tormented by some powerful beast, as part of the body and does not exist like an animal ate it. Bodies of other victims were in similar condition.

Needless to say, what a shock threw the inspectors, they opened a terrible picture. And then there were difficulties with the return. While the men were waiting for aid, Burger managed to doze off from exhaustion. And when he awoke, he saw next to him not to mate, and the strange humanoid creature that breathed in the face of the inspector. It wasn’t of our world.

Fortunately, the monster underground of the world is gone, not the rest of the inspectors. But a few hours that they had to spend under the collapse, men was terrified that he would return to inflict on them the same monstrous violence, as with the unhappy miners.

Later, Barger suggested that the unknown creature and caused a collapse in the mine that people are trapped. Later this place was closed for works, in order to avoid such tragedies.

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