Astronomers have chosen the most habitable exoplanet (photo)

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Астрономы выбрали наиболее пригодную для жизни экзопланету (фото)

The mysteries of the cosmos: Astronomers have chosen the most habitable exoplanet. A large international team of astronomers has confirmed the existence of planet Gliese 581g in the system of Gliese 581, which is 22 light-years from the Sun. Find tops list of potentially habitable planets. The surface temperature of Gliese 581g is similar to earth, and theoretically there may be water.

Астрономы выбрали наиболее пригодную для жизни экзопланету (фото)

The controversy surrounding the fourth farthest planet in the system of red dwarf Gliese 581 has turned in two weeks after in 2010, it was announced by astronomers from the project to search for exoplanets Lick-Carnegie (Lick–Carnegie Exoplanet Survey). The fact that the experts of the Observatory of Geneva (Geneva Observatory), who discovered the other planets of this star, stated that it found no trace of the new planet in their advanced studies.

And now the discoverers of Gliese 581g, under the leadership of Stephen Vogt (Steven Vogt), University of California, Santa Cruz presented a new analysis proving its existence.

The researchers used a precision instrument to detect planets HARPS mounted on the telescope at the Observatory of La Silla (La Silla Observatory) in Chile.

Studies have shown that the planets in the system Gliese 581 revolve in a circular orbit, not an elliptical, as previously thought. This discovery made it possible to adjust the calculations and get a clear signal from another large object.

Астрономы выбрали наиболее пригодную для жизни экзопланету (фото)

«We estimate the probability of error is less than four percent, according to Vogt. Signal corresponds to a planet with a mass of 2.2 times that of the earth. It is in the habitable zone where there may be liquid forms of water at a distance of 0.13 astronomical units from the parent star».

Due to the fact that the radiation of the red dwarf is smaller than the Sun, Gliese 581g receives as much light and heat as our planet. This fact allowed her to Earth similarity index of 0.92 and bypass for this indicator, the planet Gliese 667Cc, opened last year.

Астрономы выбрали наиболее пригодную для жизни экзопланету (фото)

New results obtained by the team of Vogt, was convincing, and Laboratory suitability of planets for life (PHL) included Gliese 581g in its catalog. According to a press release from the organization, a list of potentially habitable planets now includes five candidates, based on the materials .

Article the authors of the study published in the journal Astronomical Notes (with a Preprint of the article can be found on the website

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