Mysterious bowl from Krasnodar is the Holy Grail, a gift from the aliens or something else?

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The Grail in Western tradition and medieval legends – the mysterious receptacle for approaches which gained his knights accomplish their great feats. The Grail is the chalice with the blood of Jesus Christ, which had been collected by his secret disciple, Joseph of Arimathea, who directed the body of the crucified Jesus. Grail of serving Christ and the apostles during the last supper.

Those who drink from the Grail receives the forgiveness of sins and eternal life. Some versions even close contemplation magic item gives immortality, as well as a variety of benefits in the form of food, drink, etc.

According to the newspaper «Yerkramas», in the city of Krasnodar was discovered the Cup, drinking from which, the patient becomes the health. The owner of the relics, a former officer Igor Podujeve – the rational man, never was fond of mysticism, did not believe in the supernatural. If he calls this «thing» object of extraterrestrial origin, then, in his Outlook, something stirred.

Bowl Of Podujeva

Загадочная чаша из Краснодара это Святой Грааль, подарок пришельцев или что-то иное?

If and when we use the word «extraterrestrial», in an ironic way – as a synonym for incomprehensible. Pre phoned with him on the phone Armavir local branch of the Russian geographical society (RGS) goes to visit him, to understand with all this history on the site.

The Cup of life, the healing chalice, a gift from the aliens — called the vessel, which is owned by the Krasnodar pensioner Igor Ivanovich, Podujeve. What is this artifact? In it really is of extraterrestrial origin, as some scientists claim? And is it true that the water drunk from that Cup, can cure all diseases?

Sit in a comfortable house, turning in his hands a strange thing. With the appearance of a glass of wine. However, somewhat unusual: an opaque, ash color, with a metallic sheen, a wall two or three times thicker than normal, the leg is too massive, the profile of the glass is uneven – with some ring flashes. Despite the strangeness of the shape and material of the Cup is extraordinarily beautiful. For household things that are needlessly complex and very much whimsical.

Загадочная чаша из Краснодара это Святой Грааль, подарок пришельцев или что-то иное?

The Cup saw a small, 136 mm in height. The maximum diameter is 63 mm, wall thickness — 4 mm. Occupancy is around 75 milliliters. Color more like gray than silver. Shimmers in the sun. On the outer surface of the visible pattern, reminiscent of a frosty pattern on glass. Some ugladyvajut in this pattern the outline of the human face, alien, and even a Ghost (a Ghost).

— Igor, please tell us how You came by this artifact?

The Cup I received in 2004 from the hands of the great-grandfather, Kirill Kabanov, nuclear physicist. He before coming to Krasnodar for a long time lived in Armavir. In the 1960-ies of the last century he participated in a secret expedition to the stony Tunguska river. Visited the place where in 1908, exploded so-called Tunguska meteorite fell in the forest area of several thousand square kilometers.

Whether crashed to Earth a small comet, or asteroid. And according to the hypothesis of the Soviet science fiction writer Alexander Kazantsev in the forest crashed alien spacecraft with a nuclear power plant. Supposedly it should be sought expedition, which was attended by my ancestor as a nuclear physicist.

Before dying grandfather has hinted that the Cup is directly related to the places and events. Specifically, where and how they were found, not said. But, passing the artifact, pointedly raised her eyes and said, «This no one on the Ground there, is there.» My great-grandfather lived for 102 years. He drank only the water from your Cup.

— How do You react to such a gift from Your ancestor?

I may be not be remembered about the gift of his great-grandfather, but private grief is made. In January 2006, my 16-year-old daughter Ilona was in a car accident. The doctors gave her the most disappointing diagnosis: rupture of the pancreas, intra-abdominal bleeding, a closed fracture of the clavicle with displacement, a fracture of the pubic and ischial bones of the pelvis.

After several operations the doctors had predicted: in the best case, the girl will be on crutches. And then no sooner than six months. In short — will last a lifetime disabled. Discharged my daughter in early February and in late March we had come for a visit. And then I decided that in this situation all means are good. Became for several hours to infuse in a Cup of water, broth, as grandfather had suggested, and give Ilona.

And in early March my girl went! When I arrived at the hospital, the doctors could not believe their eyes. The bones healed and internal organs were in such a state, if it was not the accident. And it’s only been two months. Doctors could not explain anything, just shrugged!

— And You are giving drinking water to others from Your «magic» of the Cup?

— Of course. Those who drink from the Cup, and recover from various diseases. Getting rid of gallstones, hemorrhoids, heartburn, diabetes, headaches, hypertension, heavy and light injuries, gout, obesity, impotence and prostatitis.

Someone tasted the water from the Cup, stopped hurting heart, someone began to read without glasses, although yesterday could not see beyond their nose, who have a terrible cough vanished, a 60-year-old man escaped the operation, and the woman who’s been scalded with boiling water to the bone, anoint the burn with the magic water and all healed.

— Miracles, and more! You and your «mysterious» Cup did not give the examination in various scientific institutions? Was Your Bowl in the hands of scientists?

I’ve contacted several scientific institutions and got amazing results. The Cup consists of silicon extraterrestrial origin, says the statement issued at the Kuban state University (KubSU). To such a fantastic conclusion Kuban scientists have pushed the results of the experiment. Supposedly, after 20 hours, the water stayed in the Cup, the content of molybdenum in it for some mysterious reasons has increased by 40 times, copper is 25 times that of the zirconium — in 10. And silver, by contrast, was less than 100 times.

After a thorough material analyses conducted in several research laboratories, the researchers came to the indisputable conclusion: in terrestrial conditions, nor of such chemical composition of the alloy, no such technology is impossible. Here also the study Protocol Saratov forensic laboratory: main material alloy (90%) of pure silicon, the main impurity (5%) – Nickel, except he potassium, Nickel, iron, osmium, neodymium, selenium, bromine, phosphorus, cobalt.

X-ray spectral microanalysis, made in the Institute of Geology and Mineralogy, Siberian branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, to a tenth of a percent confirms Saratov. Also, Viktor Panyushkin, Professor of General and inorganic chemistry, Kuban state University, assured me as the expert, what on earth is the ratio of the components in the alloy is not found. And the presence in the product of osmium almost certainly means that the object from space.

— Who do You think could make this «glass»?

— No less than the amazing analysis of the technology of «fougères». Turning deleted: under a magnifying glass shows that the smallest of notches – not spiral (this would be the trail from the cutter), and the ring. And almost pure silicon is not amenable turning. Maybe it’s the chip? But why in the shape of a wine glass? For example, this cast – but must remain traces of forms, but they are not.

In addition, the melting point of the alloy is determined in 1840 degrees. Above – of all the detected components, only osmium. So, not casting. Then what? In science it is accepted to speak about the extraterrestrial origin of strange substance. And such insights in the protocols do not enter. But, ironically, it is common sense – insists Professor V. Panyushkin – suggests the only possible solution: it is a product of space technology.

Documents Of Podujeva. Click to enlarge

Загадочная чаша из Краснодара это Святой Грааль, подарок пришельцев или что-то иное?

— Do you have any other oddities noticed Your «glass» or not?

There are other paradoxes. I heat the water in the «glass» in a water bath. So, water is heated outside of this product, as it should when boiling to 100 degrees. And the water temperature inside the «wine glass», no matter how grey, never rises above 82 degrees. Physicists have no explanation for this phenomenon. But domestic animals with a passion lapping water from a «glass» and runs for the master, begging for more. The flowers, which are intentionally long not watered, this magical water is starting to bloom despite the calendar.

— You agree with the conclusions of science on Your «glass» or not?

— Sorry, our science, in panic afraid of conclusions that goes beyond the usual understanding, shies away from such objects like the plague. All studies of «Fougeres» and the heated water in it, held in different cities, made on the sly, on a friendly basis.

And although the findings are all adjoined with a strange product are fundamentally the same – we have before us the product of extraterrestrial, more advanced civilization, it is unlikely that today among the prominent scientists there is someone who, summarizing the conducted research, I will take the liberty of loudly to say so. Because such a statement is revolutionary, but revolutions in science are not held every hundred years.

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