The phenomenon of the invisible Yeti

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Most cryptozoologists (those who are looking for Sasquatch, Nessie, Chupacabra, and other rejected by science beings) believe that the Yeti, Bigfoot, and so on. they are beings of flesh and blood, but very well able to hide from researchers.

It is believed that Bigfoot understand that meeting people they should not expect anything good and so carefully hidden in the lost corners of our planet.

There are a few stories of eyewitnesses, according to which the Yeti can also become completely invisible and disappear right before your eyes. Maybe Bigfoot is not real beings, but something like ghosts? Or they got alien technology to make them invisible, in the end, the Yeti is sometimes seen with UFOs and even getting into a UFO.

Феномен невидимых йети

Or they to a degree have mastered the art of «hide and seek» from the people that invented something incredible camouflage, blending in with his surroundings and not allowing to detect even very keen observers?

In any case, in all the ancient legends, including the stories of North American Indians, the Yeti was something of a human-like, hairy, smelly, very wild, but the most that neither is a real physical being. Not ghosts and forest spirits.

However, in some of these legends these creatures were also attributed some superpowers, including the ability to become invisible. The same is mentioned in the legends of the inhabitants of Bhutan (South Asia). There is a creature called the word «Migas».

In 2000, on an American website about Bigfoot has a story of a Davy Russell. Davy spoke about the case of the Bigfoot is invisible in North Dakota, which occurred in 1977.

«First, some of the locals saw Bigfoot in the afternoon, after which the area was flooded with people and the police. And then the creature noticed the farmer Lyle Maxson. He told about how he saw Bigfoot that night. More precisely not seen, and heard, as the creature was completely invisible.

The farmer told me that this creature was walking beside him and he heard a noise and a very loud breath as if from hard work. But saw no one. The farmer even turned on the flashlight and began carefully to examine the darkness around him, but to no avail.

Puzzled, the farmer said that it’s definitely able to become invisible to the human eye».

In April 2012 the researcher Mei Lee said he talked to a man named Thomas Hughes and the man told her that he personally saw Bigfoot in 2008. He also shared many secrets of the Yeti, including spoke about their invisibility.

«They can increase their own frequency to such a level that the human eye simply begins to overlook. They are very afraid of people, for them it is the most terrible danger. If they notice someone, they become invisible, as from the people they saw only the aggression and people often hunted them and killed them before.»

Another researcher with a Ouija site Soul Guidance also writes about the possibility of Bigfoot change their own physical frequency, but also reports that the change of frequency of the Yeti can switch between different measurements.

And when they leave our dimension and appear in another, we don’t see them doesn’t see us as two-dimensional man drawn on paper and living in his two-dimensional world. For this man our three-dimensional world simply does not exist.

Being in another dimension, Bigfoot might be watching, and we can hear his breathing and the sounds of his movements, but not see him. As in the case of a farmer from North Dakota.

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