Creepy British road phenomenon called «Hairy arms»

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The history of this phenomenon over a hundred years and frightening the British drivers began in 1911 and is still ongoing. The phenomenon covers a specific way under a modern room B3212 that starts at two bridges near the town of the city Postbridge in the area of Dartmoor. The phenomenon is known as «Hairy hands» (Hairy Hands).

The phenomenon is that in these places in different parts of the road B3212 drivers sometimes suddenly see the wheel of their vehicles cover someone else’s big hairy hands and trying to throw the vehicle on the side that once led to tragic consequences.

Жуткий британский дорожный феномен под названием "Волосатые руки"

His hands were described as ghostly or incorporeal, and the drivers themselves, therefore, could do nothing to stop them. Drivers later described these hands with horror in his voice. However, until 1921, this phenomenon was considered to be quite harmless, something akin to superstition, until in 1921 did not happen the first tragedy.

In June of 1921, Dr. Halby who worked in a medical office Dartmoor prison, died after the blue lost control of his motorcycle with a sidecar, in which sat his two children. Before he was thrown from the motorcycle and he was killed, he managed to shout children so that they jumped out of the stroller to be saved.

Later in the same 1921 August 24, a young captain in the British army, which was considered quite an experienced driver in the same area of the same road also lost control of his motorcycle. Fortunately, he managed to survive and in a press statement he told the shocking details of the accident:

«It was not my fault. Believe it or not believe me, but something was trying to push my bike off the road and I saw it as clearly as any other day, these hairy, big and muscular arms. I fought them for control of the wheel, but they were much stronger than me and they still pushed my bike to the side in the grass. When I came to, I was lying on the edge of the road near the motorcycle.»

In the summer of 1924 dear collector of folklore by Theo brown, the author of the book «Devon Ghosts and Family Holidays around Dartmoor (Devon Ghosts and family holidays in Dartmoor»), decided to stay in camp half a mile from the sinister way. She told me that that night also witnessed the emergence of a sinister ghostly hairy hands.

Жуткий британский дорожный феномен под названием "Волосатые руки"

At first, she felt something ominous around her, and then noticed in the small window of his trailer some movement. She examined the palm with thumbs and thick hair on your toes. The box trailer was slightly ajar and his fingers scratching at the window, as though trying to climb inside.

«I felt that it wants to hurt my husband, who slept in the other side. I also felt that it is very evil and hates us. I understand that this is an unusual hand, and that if we’re going to deal with it, we have nothing against it to do that.»

However, Theo brown has found a way out, when the sign of the cross and began to pray silently. The hand then crawled down the glass and disappeared. The rest of the night passed quietly and the subsequent nights too. Mrs. brown and her husband stayed in that place several weeks, and their hairy fingers no longer bothered.

Another story about hairy arms came from the author of «Supernatural Dartmoor» («Paranormal Dartmoor») Michael Williams. He said in an interview with journalist Rufus Andlu that one day was driving past Postbridge and suddenly «a pair of hands caught in a machine.»

Williams was forced to fight with hairy arms behind the wheel and he barely managed to avoid a collision with another car. He was so scared of the incident that he asked the journalist to publish this story in the newspaper just after his death.

Жуткий британский дорожный феномен под названием "Волосатые руки"

Subsequently, there was a very long break, and Hairy hands are not seen on the road B3212 in Dartmoor for many decades. Or never told anyone about it. Following Williams ‘ history with hands already dated 2008.

It happened on 12 January 2008, the driver, Michael Anthony was driving home after meeting with another customer. He who in those years worked in the company, who supply to British offices, photocopiers and many have toured the country. It happened late in the evening, about 11 o’clock when Anthony went down the road to Bristol. But as soon as he left Postbridge as he felt a strange condition of unreasoning fear and anxiety.

He tried to convince himself that everything is fine and that he is now quietly coming home to his wife and children, but suddenly all of it happened and has been happening for about two minutes, leaving behind a feeling of something very dark and sinister. First, Anthony felt that he had begun to numb his fingers and in his head even flashed that he begins the stroke. «But it was not a stroke, and much worse».

Horrified by what is happening Anthony looked over at his hands on the steering wheel there were two other hands, huge and hairy, and they sharply turned the wheel, intending to push the car to the curb. Anthony struggles began to resist, and three times repulsed the attempt to throw his car off the road.

After the third unsuccessful attempt, the hairy hands began to quickly dissolve in the air and disappeared, and shocked Anthony stopped his car only when I reached a service station on the M5 motorway.

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