A mysterious creature lived in Kineshma area

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For two weeks in the village of Sergeevka district Kineshma (Ivanovo oblast), many people see the mysterious beast. It is ugly, vicious and don’t like any one representative of the local fauna.

According to descriptions of eyewitnesses the beast appears classic creature

Загадочное существо поселилось в Кинешемском районе

The description of a number of the inhabitants of the village Sergeevka Kineshma district, appeared around the animal has long hind legs and moves it jumps like kangaroo. The similarities with Australian marsupials he finishes.

The beast reaches the size of a large dog, covered it grey and tan short hair, back arched hump behind long and naked, like those of a rat, tail, and muzzle narrow, elongated, reminiscent of the snout of a Dachshund or the same rat. Also the beast has large triangular ears that are always erect. In addition to adult, people sometimes see her cub. He is the picture of mom (or dad), only smaller in size.

If the beast and his son watched one once, it would be a problem of the beholder. You never know what «protein» may have dreamt it to our brother. However, in the village of Sergeyevka in the past two weeks the strange creature is shown almost every second citizen.

In addition, Sergeevka far from the stereotypes, painting the village of the XXI century. There is no drunkenness, stabbing, poverty, here I got into the habit to go and buy a house the capital’s residents. In Sergeevka constantly visiting the legendary cosmonaut, twice Hero of the Soviet Union Alexei Leonov, it liked to rest people’s artist of USSR Mikhail Ulyanov. As for the natives of the village, they are also people positive. This is mainly decency having in Sergeevka garden. To Tiachevo here at hand.

In short, the residents and guests of the village deserve attention and serious analysis. Some «unknown little animals» in Sergeyevka start, no doubt about it. But who is she?

— A week ago I saw an adult specimen, but from a distance, when she ran across the field, — says Svetlana Lifanova, a resident of Jacevo, which in Sergeevka is your house, and this Sunday I met a cub. I was walking with her daughter along the stubble fields and I saw her sitting in the grass cat. I daughter said, «Get a cat». Then you look, and the animal got up, stretched out, and already he’s not a cat, and not know who. A thin muzzle, the ears are large erect. We didn’t stay, went. I think if there’s a cub somewhere nearby and mother.

Svetlana sure I seen her the animals had settled in the area recently. Just two weeks ago. Also she’s pretty sure that her eyes are not foxes and not dogs.

— I Lis not seen? — says she. — Yes, they now can get sick, no one shoots, they can run ragged, but this Chupacabra is much more of a Fox. Yes and the dog did not call. She has a tail like a rat, and it moves like a kangaroo, jumping. We, on the contrary, there’s a stray dog went missing the other day. How did this Chupacabra, and the dog disappeared. She ate.

Svetlana Lifanova with conviction refers to a strange animal creature. Popular now a monster, nothing helped. But we, in turn, to hurry with the names will not, and will hear from other witnesses. Most successful of them is Iryna Lukyanenko and her daughter Oksana. They saw and adult and cub several times, and two meetings were tense.

The first time we saw the animal, then thought it was stripped or a dog, or a skinned Fox — says Iryna Lukyanenko. My daughter even tried to call it «Kut’ -Kut'», but he grinned. I have bad eyesight, and she considered that the front legs of the animal similar to human hands. The fingers are long, with long claws.

Irina Ivanovna calls animal hybrid, a strange mix of different animals. In the description it Also notes that it is possible to meet only in the evening.

— This weekend my daughter and I saw him near the main building of the sanatorium «Reshma» she continues. — There walked a young mother with two children. The boy was five years old and a girl, a year and three months. Look — to them sneaking this animal. Right sneaks! We screamed at him and he ran away. And yesterday (27 July — approx. ed.) we specifically looked for to photograph. To see saw, but the to do, alas, did not happen.

The first witness of a strange animal became a resident of Jacevo Elena Potekhina. In Sergeevka she is giving.

— Externally the animal looks like a Chupacabra, image which is on the Internet, — says Elena Potekhina. I already reported what they saw to the police, Reshma administration of the rural settlement and in the administration of Kineshma municipal district. Who knows, maybe it’s a mutant from Galkino?

People in Sergeevka are scared and confused. According to the above-mentioned Svetlana Ivanovoj, yesterday, on July 28, the village visited even the police. It is for the soul of «Chupacabra».

But Peter Melkozerov, resident Dacheva and give the owner in Sergeevka, announced the regional animal guide society of hunters and fishermen. This is the case, if the beast will be any negative effects, for example, if he starts to choke chickens and rabbits. Then the hunters get a intruder RAID.

— Heard-heard, but he has not yet seen, — says Alexander Vasin, who moved to Sergeevka Muscovite. But four years ago I observed such an animal on the Moscow river in the district of Borovichi. We fished there once, heard a loud splash, thought also that the drunk fisherman fell, and looked — strange floating animal. Then wrote a lot about it, and then it turned out that it was the capybara. Someone kept at home, she escaped and settled down in the Moscow river.

For example, Alexander Yurievich for our history, unfortunately, is not good. The reason is that the capybaras have no tail, neither long nor short. And our beast’s tail that catches the witnesses in the eye.

Who wound up in Sergeevka? The truth we expect to find in the course of this week. Anyway, read the next issue of «168 hours» more detailed material.

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