Popular extraordinary occultist says that she was possessed by the goddess Kali

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67-year-old Janet Farrar calls himself a follower of Wicca (neo-pagan religion based on the worship of nature, which is also associated with witchcraft). Farrar is quite well known and popular occult figure.

Recently, a woman told reporters that he felt bad and then she stopped several times heart.

And all this happened due to the fact that her body was possessed by the spirit of the goddess Kali.

As reported by the Express, this happened in January 2017, in the evening, when Janet usually went to sleep in his bedroom. And suddenly «she was possessed by Kali», after which Janet’s body had become blue, the tongue protruded and she realized that he was dying.

Популярная оккультистка уверяет, что в нее вселялась богиня Кали

In Hindu mythology goddess Kali is the symbol of destruction, but it also supports the world order, blesses and frees those who seek to know God. In the Vedas, her name is associated with Agni, God of fire. Kali is usually depicted with four hands and SINAGOGA (sometimes with a much more hands).

Due to the introduction of Kali into the body of Janet Farrar, the latter’s heart stopped. Happiness of women was next to her husband Gavin Bon, who worked as a nurse and made his wife a heart massage, and then he immediately called an Ambulance, which transported a follower of Wicca in the hospital.

«My heart that night stayed five times,» says Janet Farrar, — «once at home, and four more times in the Ambulance while I drove to the hospital. The husband thought he was going to lose me, and when I was brought to the clinic of Dublin, they said there’s a 50-50 chance that I will live».

However Janet was able to survive and recover, and the goddess Kali in her words left her body.

Популярная оккультистка уверяет, что в нее вселялась богиня Кали

Recently Janet and her husband Gavin participated in the annual occultists the British festival Glastonbury in Somerset, and there gave the journalists an extensive interview about witchcraft and paganism. The pair also publishes books on Wicca and is involved in the covens.

Many cultures believe that the body of a living person can possess demons and spirits of the dead. Every year the exorcists work with possessed people and free them from took the bodies and the souls of evil entities. But official science does not recognize anything similar, and changes in the psyche of obsessed people considers the manifestation of mental illness.

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