Immortal people

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There are legends about the immortal people that were seen in different centuries and they were the same, did not seem to have aged a single year. Perhaps these people exist in our time, under a different name.


Apollonius of Tyana — a contemporary of Jesus Christ, born three years before the new era. He visited many countries of the ancient world, studied the secrets of the priests of Ancient India and Babylon, contemporaries attributed to him many miracles.

Having survived ten emperors, at the age of 70 years Apollonius of Tyana returned to Rome, where the Emperor Domitian had been prosecuted on charges of black magic. But a miracle happened: in the face of all Apollonius vanished from a crowded courtroom.

Бессмертные люди

For centuries it was believed that Apollonius, being able to prepare the elixir of immortality, continues to hide amongst the people. In the XII century, lived the philosopher and alchemist who called himself Arteriosum from which to our time has come two mysterious work, full of riddles and innuendo, a treatise on the philosopher’s stone and an essay about the ways of life extension.

Many contemporaries believed that the name of Artephius hiding Apollonius of Tyana and makes a strong case in defense of his suspicions.


According to religious tales as the Christ during his life on the cross of Calvary in extreme exhaustion leaned against the wall of the house belonging to Ahasuerus. But the cruel Jew did not give a second of rest in Christ, carrying a heavy wooden cross, and drove it away. Then Christ, the wandering Jew condemned to eternal wandering, without hope ever to find peace or death.

And now, here and there, from century to century by a man, whom many identify with the personality of the wandering Jew. The Italian astrologer Guido Bonatti in 1223 met him in the Spanish court.

Бессмертные люди

Five years later, it is mentioned the entry made in the chronicle of the Abbey of St. Alban (England). According to the Armenian Archbishop, who visited the Abbey, describes the encounters with the wandering Jew, who was at that time in Armenia.

Supposedly a man posing as the wandering Jew, remembers the events of more than a thousand years ago, remembers the appearance of the apostles and many of the details of the lives of those people about whom no one knows living.

In 1242 this man appears in France, then two and a half centuries reigns the silence of the historical records. In 1505 Ahasuerus declared in Bohemia, a few years later see it in the Arab East, and in 1547 he was again in Europe, in Hamburg.

In 1575 he was seen in Spain, in 1559, in Vienna, in 1604 in Paris, in 1633 in Hamburg in 1640 in Brussels in 1642 in Leipzig in 1658 in Stamford (UK).

When in the late XVIII century the eternal wanderer reappeared in England, where he made examinations of the professors of Oxford and Cambridge. His knowledge of ancient history and geography of the most remote corners of the Earth, which he allegedly attended was amazing. He spoke almost all languages, both European and Eastern.

Soon the man reappeared in Denmark and then in Sweden, where trace of him is lost again.


In the second half of the eighteenth century the attention of contemporaries attracts another mysterious person — the count of St. Germain.

Count Saint-Germain contemporaries were impressed with his extraordinary awareness of the past. His appearance has led to the astonishment and confusion of the older aristocrats, who remembered suddenly that he had seen this man in childhood, in the salons of their grandmothers. And since then he hasn’t changed.

Бессмертные люди

Saint-Germain as mysteriously disappeared as it had appeared. His death allegedly occurred in 1784 in a secluded castle in Holstine. However, none of the gravestones in the district no name of Saint Germain.

Many years later, after the death of the familiar Saint-Germain met the count in many cities of Europe. So, Saint-Germain was present at the meeting of Freemasons in Paris a year after his supposed death.

In 1788 he was seen in Venice, and in the years of the French revolution, the count was allegedly identified in one of the prisons where they kept the aristocrats.

30 years after the death of Saint-Germain aged aristocrat Madame Genlis, who knew Earl in his youth, meets this man, not a bit changed, on the sidelines of the Congress of Vienna.

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